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Eddy Gordo Leaps into Tekken 8 as First DLC Fighter on April 1st



Eddy Gordo Leaps into Tekken 8 as First DLC Fighter on April 1st

Bandai Namco has announced that Eddy Gordo will join the fight next week, on April 1st. This marks his first appearance as a DLC fighter in the game. Since January, the buzz was all about Gordo being the first to enter the arena, and now, with a fresh trailer, we have a date.

The plan for the post-launch support includes three more characters, set to release in summer, autumn, and winter. Details about these fighters are still under wraps.

Eddy, a favorite since his debut in Tekken 3, is known for his capoeira style. While loved by many, his kick spamming can be a point of contention, especially for those on the receiving end.

With previous Tekken titles expanding their roster with up to fourteen additional fighters through four DLC seasons, Tekken 8 seems poised to follow suit. Notable guest characters in the past have included Negan from The Walking Dead, Noctis from Final Fantasy 15, and Geese Howard from Fatal Fury.

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Tekken 8 aims to match its predecessors in DLC quantity, despite stirring some controversy in February by introducing “Tekken Coins” for digital transactions, which players purchase with real money.

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