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Discover the Best NFL Apps and Games for Your iPhone 



Best NFL Apps for iPhone

The NFL season might be over, but your mobile football experience doesn’t have to stop just yet. Whether it’s a hub for all the latest news and stats, a live score tracker to keep tabs on the action while on the go, or a fun mobile game to pass the time with, you can find plenty of great NFL-centric apps for your iPhone. 

Additionally, if you’re interested in keeping the excitement alive through betting, the best betting apps in the USA continue to offer wagers on the 2024 NFL Draft and next season’s futures markets.

Below, we’ll be discussing our favorite NFL apps and games on mobile that will help you get through the offseason. 

The Official NFL App

There’s no better place to start a list of the best NFL apps and mobile games than directly from the source. The official NFL App is your classic one-stop shop for all things football. From analyzing the latest stats and trends to watching local and primetime games, all the way to reading great in-depth articles on your favorite team, this app is a must-have for any pro football fan. 

Madden NFL 24 Mobile Football

When it comes to NFL mobile games, it’s hard to get a more cohesive modern football experience than Madden Mobile. A staple franchise both on iPhones and consoles like the PS5 and XBox Series X, Madden has used its yearly release cycle to consistently change and improve its product, leading to perhaps the best mobile sports game on the market today. 

With a unique trading card system that lets you collect your favorite players by completing unique challenges and using the game’s vast in-game marketplace, Madden Mobile provides a rich vein of consistent content that is kept flowing year-round through exciting events. If you’re looking for a mobile NFL game that most accurately aligns with the on-field action, then this is the one for you.

Retro Bowl

If you’re looking for more of that classic retro football game field, reminiscent of games like Tecmo Ball and the original Madden games, then Retro Bowl is right up your alley. Available in both a pro and college edition, Retro Bowl isn’t officially licensed by the NFL or the NCAA, but that doesn’t make its gameplay loop any less addicting.

With an initiative and functional control scheme, simple yet appealing nostalgic graphics, and some light management mechanics, Retro Bowl is one of the rare mobile games that strikes a really good balance between casual play and depth without diving into any sort of pay-to-win schemes.

NFL Rivals – Football Manager

While it might have the word ‘manager’ in the title, don’t think of NFL Rivals as a game like Football Manager where everything is based on spreadsheets and strategy. NFL Rivals is more akin to an arcade version of Madden Mobile, with many of the same card-collecting mechanics and online PVP options, albeit without the intention of providing a realistic football simulation, settling instead for a more cartoonish take that will appeal to fans looking for big hits and fun animations. 

Overall, NFL Rivals is definitely worth a look, especially for fans of more arcade-style games. 

NFL Fantasy Football

Fantasy football is a massive industry in its own right, and the NFL’s official fantasy app is undoubtedly the place to be to experience this timeless sports game classic. Join a public league or find a private one for you and your friends, and then draft the team of your dreams. 

With the ability to set even the smallest of league details to your liking, make in-season trades that can turn your hopes around, and dive into the minutiae of advanced statistics, NFL Fantasy Football is undoubtedly the flagship app for this integral part of the pro football fan experience.


With so many excellent options available, NFL mobile apps and games have never been in a better place. While the quality is exceptional, it’s the diversity that makes football apps so good today. Whether you’re looking for a simulation-style NFL mobile game to play on the go, a retro game to bring on the nostalgia, or just a no-frills app to give you the latest stats and news, all that and more is available for NFL fans on iPhone. 

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