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Definitive Omega Strikers Character Tier List and Overview

With its competitive scene evolving, take a look at this fresh snapshot of the Omega Strikers character meta.



Definitive Omega Strikers Character Tier List and Overview

Ranking the Omega Strikers Characters (as of October 1st)

With Omega Strikers freshly debuting this past September on Steam, the MOBA’s meta has evolved constantly. This article aims to break down different character tiers and provide insights to seasoned and beginner players alike regarding who to play and how.

Note that while there are strikers that might be considered stronger than others, they are all balanced enough that the player is the greatest factor in their performance. The characters are also dispersed in a deliberate order throughout the tiers; the top of A Tier is considered stronger than the bottom of A Tier, and so on. With that out of the way, let’s get to the tiers:

S Tier (the forefront of the meta), A Tier (very strong strikers), and B Tier (strong strikers that require a greater emphasis on execution).

Take a look at the overview below and see which strikers might fit your fancy!

S Tier


Omega Strikers
IMAGE: Odyssey Interactive

Juliette is a kill-focused forward that excels in the current brawler meta. Her kit prioritizes knockback while also sporting great mobility. Juliette’s [primary is a great pressure tool that can be used in conjunction with her secondary dash skill. This dash can be used to score or kill at long ranges. Her special ability is great for core control thanks to its large arc of flurried hits, and the final hit is great for getting heavy hits onto the net. Offensively, her special is very effective at catching strikers in its wide arc. The flurry slows movement, virtually ensuring the final heavy hit connects.

With both her kill and scoring potential currently exceeding any other striker, Juliette sits comfortably at the top spot despite her three prior nerfs. Luckily for new players, she’s unlocked immediately. Those learning the game’s mechanics should start here to develop a strong sense of both offensive and aggressive Omega Strikers gameplay.

Her meta trainings as forward are: Perfect Form, Tempo Swing, Built Different


Omega Strikers Is the Next Great MOBA Made by Ex-Riot Devs
IMAGE: Odyssey Interactive

Asher is a jack-of-all-trades, master of all. Her kit sports mobility through her secondary’s dash, heavy hits through her ranged primary, and insane play-making potential through her special. Along with this, her passive essentially adds a second hit to any ability she casts. Upon casting any ability, a barrier spawns outward from the front of Asher that persists temporarily and may hit strikers and the core alike. Her special is especially oppressive, creating a gigantic barrier in front of her that persists forward and continuously strikes enemies and the core. Acting as an impassible damage source, Asher can often set up dangerous plays that either ensure a goal, a kill, or both.
On top of this, her barriers and passive make her a great goalie. Her kit exceptionally complements good striking, often giving the player more opportunities to stop even the most deftly-crafted plays.

Her meta trainings as forward are: Built Different, Unstoppable, Crossover
Her meta trainings as goalie are: Built Different, Crossover, Prime Time


Omega StrikersOmega Strikers Is the Next Great MOBA Made by Ex-Riot Devs
IMAGE: Odyssey Interactive

With witty quips and a cool demeanour, e-boy Kai is a favourite among high-elo players from both behind and ahead of the centre line due to their highly flexible kit. Their primary sends out a barrage of bolts that reset the momentum of the core with light hits, stuffing attempts at both scoring or saving. Their secondary ability is all about movement, hastening him by 35% for a massive four seconds — plenty of time to shut down an offensive or find a scoring position. Lastly, his special is a long-ranged, heavy-hitting projectile that can snipe the net or knock opponents out from afar.
His kit is not only flexible enough to enable proper goalie or forward play, but is also phenomenal at taking advantage of different trainings. Though the provided builds here are considered meta, there are many other honourable mentions like “Crossover” and “Missile Propulsion” that work wonders depending on your playstyle.

His meta trainings as forward are: Rapid Fire, Cast to Last, Super Surge
His meta trainings as goalie are: Rapid Fire, Cast to Last, Perfect Form

A Tier


Omega Strikers Is the Next Great MOBA Made by Ex-Riot Devs
IMAGE: Odyssey Interactive

You can’t spell “explosive” without X. Fitting well into the brawler meta alongside Juliette and Asher, X is geared on pressuring opponents and scoring kills. Their primary sees their massive frame wind up before letting loose an AoE attack, turning a light hit into a heavy one if its outer ring connects. Along with his secondary’s charge that also deals a heavy hit, X is great at controlling the sides of the arena.
His special breaks the Omega Strikers mould by temporarily allowing their basic strike ability to hit other strikers. Dealing medium hits, this special’s buff makes both scoring and applying pressure to opponents a breeze. With so many opportunities to deliver heavy hits and consistent damage, X truly reigns supreme as the most kill-focused character in the league.

His meta trainings as forward are: Heavy Handed, Cast to Last, Tempo Swing


Omega Strikers Is the Next Great MOBA Made by Ex-Riot Devs
IMAGE: Odyssey Interactive

This striker clad in butterflies and occult robes may act shy, but her play-style focuses on nothing else but being a controlling annoyance for the opponent. With her primary ability, Era can AoE debuff opponents from range by shrinking their size and power/damage. Conversely, if the beam hits her teammates, they gain increased size and power. Her secondary also buffs her team, creating an AoE haste explosion that speeds every friendly unit up by 40%. While not as long as Kai’s speedup ability, granting haste to multiple teammates often scores goals. Lastly, her special is a charged projectile that grows in size until it’s released, blocking and hitting anything it touches.
With her kit, Era is able to effectively stifle aggressive teams which is invaluable in the brawler meta. At round start, she can hasten her whole team to gain dominance over the core from the get-go. Her special can act as an additional attacker or defender that controls space and forces unfavourable positions. The perfect support, Era is a recommended pick for anyone looking to complement an aggressive forward like Juliette or X.

Her meta trainings as forward are: Super Surge, Crossover, Cast to Last


Omega Strikers Is the Next Great MOBA Made by Ex-Riot Devs
IMAGE: Odyssey Interactive

Dubu, the gigantic cuddly hamster, was made for defence. Almost exclusively played as goalie, Dubu excels at being a large body that can stop the core in its tracks and reflect offensive routes. His primary is a barrier-like projectile, while his secondary is a mobile roll that ends with a core-stunning AoE. Lastly, his special creates an arc of bowls filled with noodle soup (fitting for the guy that has “TOFU” etched on their belt). The bowl act as a blockade against the core and any striker, including teammates.
Dubu’s whole kit is centred around controlling the core. With his primary and special working as barriers, he’s great at stopping aggressive play in its tracks. His secondary roll ability is also great as a reset tool or to get that extra smidgen of distance to facilitate a clutch save. Beginners looking to learn the ins and outs of goalie should start here.

His meta trainings as goalie are: Built Different, Creator of Large Things, Crossover


Omega Strikers Is the Next Great MOBA Made by Ex-Riot Devs
IMAGE: Odyssey Interactive

The tried and true mage of the arena. Estelle uses her ranged abilities to control the core from afar. Her primary acts as a narrow rail-gun that sends out a heavy hit. It’s great for sniping goals from the centre line or knocking someone out from general safety. Her secondary is a blink that automatically hits the nearest enemy, acting as a hybrid between quick repositioning and catching an opponent out. Her special casts out a fan of ice crystals, each dealing a light hit.
Proper aiming of Estelle’s skills is paramount; doubly so if played as goalie. In the right hands, she can provide safe pressure while creating dangerous goal setups from the periphery. Since her skills require very deliberate placement, she offers high reward with equally high risk in her low stagger. You either win the exchange, or quickly find yourself over the railing with the sting of X’s fists fresh on your cheek.

Her meta trainings as forward are: Super Surge, Rapid Fire, Ultrascope
Her meta trainings as goalie are: Rapid Fire, Prime Time, Missile Propulsion

B Tier


Omega Strikers Is the Next Great MOBA Made by Ex-Riot Devs
IMAGE: Odyssey Interactive

The least offensive striker behind Juno, Atlas’s playstyle is centred around play-making. Both his primary and secondary abilities create barriers; a shield projectile thrown outward and a circular barrier, respectively. Their special is very supportive, creating a temporary healing zone that heals stagger and revives teammates at its location. Notice his lack of mobility, which makes him very susceptible to being knocked out in such an aggressive meta. The saving grace to this is his special, as it can save the player or their teammates in a pinch just before they die. In a brawler meta, this is helpful; the issue is pulling it off reactively.
Whether played goalie or forward, Atlas requires very careful positioning and timing. With generally long cooldowns and no mobility, unfavourable positions are especially dangerous for Atlas and thus render him a very punishing character to play. On top of this, his special only saves teammates if cast before their deaths, so a fair bit of clairvoyance is required. With that said, he is the only striker that provides both mass healing and revival. In a meta full of knockouts, this is very strong when piloted correctly.

His meta trainings for both forward and goalie are: Crossover, Built Different, Creator of Durable Things


Omega Strikers Is the Next Great MOBA Made by Ex-Riot Devs
IMAGE: Odyssey Interactive

A small but mighty striker, Luna is a terror from afar. Often played as both forward and goalie, she’s great at scoring and killing from afar. Luna’s abilities hit like trucks, with each one capable of delivering a heavy hit. Her primary’s rocket projectile deals a heavy hit after a certain range, while her secondary is a heavy-hitting charge. Her special is a large, albeit delayed, AoE explosion that deals a heavy hit to those in in the middle of the blast zone.
Luna’s play revolves around careful positioning and timing like Atlas in order to gain value from her kit. Her primary requires long-range use to score big damage, and her special takes careful timing to offset the delay. Her secondary is the most interesting, charging infinitely until colliding with something. With the use of the “Eject Button” training, she can recast it after to revert back to her original position. This facilitates offensive plays from as far as her net, but opens it up to being scored on simultaneously if she fails to recast in time. Players who enjoy the challenge of casting their abilities with utmost care will find success (and fun) here.

Her meta trainings as forward are: Heavy Handed, Extra Special, Ultrascope
Her meta trainings as goalie are: Eject Button, Heavy Handed, Ultrascope


Omega Strikers
IMAGE: Odyssey Interactive

The stealthiest forward in the league, Drek’ar utilizes his invisibility and explosive bursts of damage to create tricky plays and unforeseen goal setups. His primary ability is the source of his knockouts; a close-range shotgun blast that deals a heavy hit if close enough. With two charges, it can be used in sequence to score a quick knockout. His secondary is a massive 50% haste buff that grants invisibility. Though it is only a second long, it can bring about massive position shifts totally unbeknownst to the opposing team and is a staple to his gameplay. Lastly, his special fires out a sticky bomb that acts as a spreading debuff. This is sadly the most mediocre part of his kit. It does damage over time and telegraphs your position; both unfavourable results for this reptile’s game plan.
With a major focus on burst plays, Drek’ar is all about meticulous planning to make a kill or goal come together swiftly and viciously before the enemy can react. Playing predictably or passively as Drek’ar brings little value to the team, meaning strict execution is critical to producing productive play.

His meta trainings as forward are: Prime Time, Cast to Last, Heavy Handed


Omega Strikers
IMAGE: Odyssey Interactive

Voiced by the lovable @LilyPichu, Juno is a kindhearted alien of slime who commands a legion of small blobs to manipulate the core and deal damage. Her primary throws a blob projectile, both dealing a medium hit and creating a blob at its destination. Her secondary is a jump that makes her invincible/untargetable, also creating a blob. Lastly, her special fittingly creates an AoE rain… of blobs. If this sounds underwhelming, it’s because these little slime guys actually work in tandem with Juno’s passive. When the core touches one of her blobs, they immediately suck it up and shoot it out at a heightened velocity. Her passive allows her to input a strike right before, controlling the blob’s trajectory. This can be chained from one slimey blob to the next for impressive goals.
Since Juno’s kit barely interacts with the opponent or the team, she doesn’t contribute to the aggressive meta in a meaningful way. On top of this, opponents that know to step over her blobs will shut down her core mechanic while taking only slight damage in return. Still, nothing feels quite like orchestrating a goal where the core ping-ponged through six blobs of slime to get there.

Her meta trainings as forward are: Creator of Durable Things, Rapid Fire, Crossover

All in Good Fun

While every competitive title has a meta, the characters you ultimately play should be the ones you enjoy the most that fit your playstyle. Hopefully you found a striker who speaks to you, regardless of their position on this list. Now take that knowledge to the arena and smack that core!

I am always either wrapping my head around arrays in C or playing video games (some cooking and cat-petting here and there). I often enjoy playing Souls-likes or a unique JRPG like Nier with my partner.

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