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All the main ways to level up your hero in Destiny 2



Destiny 2

D2 is a vibrant project in the theme of fantasy and space exploration and its main mechanics are focused on shooting and MMO RPG, so that many players can develop their heroes, together or individually.

You will be able to complete quests and go hunting, select contracts and clear raids and strikes, go to PVP events and simply travel around the planets. You can also turn to destiny 2 boost to get help in leveling up, accumulating glimmers, completing raids and other services with guarantees and maintaining the anonymity of the client.


From the first minutes of the game, you will be immersed in a storyline that will show you the story of the confrontation between people and aliens who invaded your home planet and which you need to fight back.

All quests and grinds and raids will be dedicated to this.

Gradually, you will progress further through the content and discover new planets and gameplay moments.

You will destroy monsters and pass orders to gain experience, glimmers and various types of weapons and equipment.

Usually these are long tasks that come one after another and allow the player to always know and understand where to move next.

In addition to the main story tasks, you will find many optional tasks that you can take on at will.

By themselves, such quests are ineffective due to weak rewards in response to your actions, but if you take all the tasks that can be completed along with the main storyline and when you go to the location, you will be able to complete several tasks at once and continue the hunt, so that upon returning to the city you can receive a boost in Destiny 2, resources and additional glimmers.


Each player can take on contracts that require performing in-game actions such as shooting from certain types of weapons, or shooting at heads.

You will have a limited time to complete contracts and if you do not have time, the tasks will be updated, and all intermediate success will be reset to zero, because the contract is either completed or not.

If you manage to complete all the tasks before their renewal time, then you can pay the glimmers and take on another contract ahead of schedule.

In this way, you can essentially exchange glimmers for experience if you have a sufficient number of them.


To fully develop your hero and accumulate resources to ensure your leveling in Destiny 2, you need to go hunting.

This gameplay will be introduced into your gaming anyway, because most quests are completed in battles with monsters.

You come to locations that suit your levels and begin to destroy them, practicing shooting and at the same time developing your hero, collecting special ammunition for subclasses and resources.


You can go into dungeons of various difficulty levels, in which you can gain experience and various pieces of equipment and weapons, which will depend solely on your luck.

The good thing about the strike format is that you can go through them alone – it won’t be an easy walk, but the entire reward, if successful, will be chosen exclusively by you, just like boosting in D2.

You need to enter the territory, attack the boss and his guards.

To successfully complete the strike and receive the full reward, you need to remain mobile and prioritize all potential guards who can cause heavy damage and influence your success.

Therefore, you need to quickly eliminate all of your enemy’s allies and begin to systematically reduce his health, destroying the boss and at the same time maintaining his mobility and carefully observing the unique skills with which the boss can disrupt the entire raid.

When the enemy falls, you will be able to receive a reward in the form of weapons and equipment, which will have strength depending on the strike level.

The main advantage of such a zone is the individual selection of all trophies, whatever they may be.


This is a more difficult strike format that requires more players to enter and fight the boss.

Here you will no longer be able to win alone, but you can still find a couple of stable companions and clear the raid and divide the rewards among yourself, instead of storming with a full-fledged squad, which, although it is more likely to defeat the boss, the rewards will be divided among everyone, at least in leveling in D2.

Raids will have several difficulty levels, and after completing the previous one, you will have the opportunity to open new, more difficult, but valuable raids such as heroic and mythic difficulty levels.

Particularly valuable will be the Mythic type of raid, which requires the maximum number of players, but at the same time it can still be completed by a small group, but this will be the most difficult task, in which stable and well-played players with the ability to voice communication must participate.

If you win, you will be able to receive legendary equipment and equipment that will significantly strengthen you and your allies, but it all depends on luck.

Even one such boost will significantly simplify your gameplay for future raids, especially high-level ones that will appear in the Lightfall update – relevant for the current additions to Destiny 2.


You can seek help from professional players who can help you get any level that is in Destiny 2.

You need to transfer your account to a professional player to begin fulfilling the order, and in return receive financial guarantees, compliance with a high level of anonymity using a VPN, and a condition under which all your information is not transferred to third parties, and boosting in Destiny 2 is performed exclusively by employees of the Skycoach service.

Next, the pumping process will begin, which will take time depending on the task that will be set, but in any case, the timing will be agreed upon with the manager, who will oversee the actions of the booster.

As bonuses, you will be given all types of rewards and glimmers that the Skycoach D2 booster will receive in the process of leveling up your hero.

All you have to do is change your password and continue exploring the world of Destiny 2.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Keep gaming guys 😉

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