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A Winner Is You

A Winner Is You Podcast Episode 34: Inscryption



A Winner Is You is a game club podcast, meaning we go deep into a single game per episode. Ever finished a game and it’s all you can think about? Want to relive it without playing it again? We’ve got you covered! If you’ve never played a game we cover before, then this is your perfect chance to start!

Welcome, challengers. Pop yourself down at the table, light your candle, draw your cards (ignore the talking ones) and get ready for a lovely ol’ game of Inscryption.

Daniel Mullins’ 2021 masterpiece was an absolute delight for us to play (when we weren’t banging out heads against it like the idiots we are), and is a very early contender for our game of the year. Yeah, we do those awards weird here.

We chat about the mechanics of the game, the bosses, the story, the meanings behind the ending (and the hidden one) and how we wish more games were like this compared to the AAA crap you see permeating the industry at large.

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Crotchety Englishman who spends hundreds of pounds on video game tattoos and Amiibo in equally wallet-crippling measure. Likes grammar a lot, but not as much as he likes heading out for a sesh of Bakamitai karaoke in Kamurocho. You can hear his dulcet tones on the A Winner Is You game club podcast right here on GoombaStomp!