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What does the evolution of technology mean for the future of online games?



Technology in Online Games

Online gaming is something that has become massively popular globally and is one of the major ways people now play games. Whether it is trying out the latest titles online via PC, logging on to play via console, or using your Internet-connected smartphone to have fun, there is no doubt what a huge presence online play has in the gaming world. 

Of course, it is not just video games that people have started to develop a real passion for digitally. Online casino slots is also a very popular niche and sees people logging onto high-end Internet casinos to try out the latest slots, live games, or table games.

One crucial factor for all forms of online play is the continued evolution of technology. This is easy to see in mobile online gaming, for example, where developments in gaming smartphone tech have helped this niche to evolve over time. Sustained advances in tech are therefore key to online titles⎯but what might this actually mean for the future of online games? 

VR and AR for extra immersion 

One major evolution that is set to have a real impact on online gaming’s future is tech that helps it become more immersive. The two best examples of this are augmented reality (which places digital objects in a real-world setting) and virtual reality technologies (which transport players into a purely virtual online game world). 

Whilst both of these technologies are nothing new for gamers, it is likely that we will see them used a lot more in online titles moving forward, and this will help these kinds of games become even more realistic. This extra authenticity could well make the next generation of online titles even more popular with gamers.

Improved Internet networks for even more responsive online games

It goes without saying that online gaming is built on the Internet and could not function without stable, fast Internet connections to power it. One evolution we could see here, which would have a major say on the future of online games, is even faster Internet networks globally. This is something we have already seen to some extent, where lightning-quick 5G networks have been rolled out for mobile online gamers to use in many locations globally. 

Continued updates to home broadband networks and Wi-Fi connections have also benefited console and PC online gamers over time. It is likely that improvements to both mobile and home Internet networks will continue as we move forward, and these will have a very positive impact on how smooth, enjoyable, and responsive online titles are to play.

AI to help online games become more intelligent

Artificial intelligence is one tech evolution that is happening right now and having an impact in many sectors worldwide. Online gaming is certainly one, and this means AI is set to change the future of titles we play digitally. With EA’s CEO forecasting a 30% rise in AI-developed games, it is easy to see how this could impact not only gaming in general but also online titles specifically. 

The benefits that AI could bring into this gaming niche include more intelligent non-player characters, dynamic in-game difficulty adjustments, and game worlds that evolve based on player actions. By doing this, artificial intelligence could make online titles even more awesome to play and help them offer an even better experience to players. This could, in turn, help the online gaming niche continue to grow moving forward and find even more ways to wow players. 

The Metaverse

It is hard to talk about how emerging tech could impact online gaming’s future without mentioning the Metaverse. This would essentially change the very nature of how people interact with online games and how we use the Internet to stay entertained. By blending online and offline worlds, it promises to offer online players a new way to have fun. 

Although it is not yet ready to be rolled out to the masses, there is a lot of noise about this game-changing tech evolution and how it could be used within online gaming. This could make digital games even more popular in the future and help them to engage an even wider audience.

Evolving tech is key to online gaming’s future

It is easy to understand why evolutions in technology are so important to online gaming’s future when you take the above into account. It becomes even clearer when you also consider how integral technology is to gaming in general and how previous advances in this area have allowed online play to flourish. 

Adam loves gaming and the latest Tech surrounding it, especially AI and Crypto Gaming are his fave topics

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