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Top Five FPS Mobile Games to Play in 2024



Mobile Games like call of duty warzone

First-person shooter (FPS) is a highly renowned genre in the video game industry. However, the genre has gained significant traction in mobile gaming in the past few years. This popularity surge is due to advancements in mobile graphics technology and gaming devices, which now support more sophisticated gaming experiences. It can also be attributed to mobile game developers, who have released HD action-packed games with captivating narratives in recent years.

Due to the sheer number of options available, navigating this landscape may be challenging, especially for a beginner. Therefore, this article will highlight the top five FPS mobile games worth playing in 2024. Let’s dive right in! 

PUBG Mobile

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) mobile is a popular and intriguing FPS battle royale game. Since its official release in 2018, the game has generated over 1.3 billion downloads and more than $9 billion in revenue. It is currently the second most popular mobile video game of all time.

The game begins with players parachuting to a deserted island and fighting to be the last player standing. Depending on the game option, players can compete individually or in groups of two or four. When players arrive on the island, they do not have any supplies or weapons. As a result, you must scavenge guns and ammunition in abandoned buildings or plunder them from downed players. Better weaponry and equipment are typically located in the most dangerous areas of the map. 

Besides conventional gameplay, PUBG Mobile hosts several e-sport leagues and tournaments in which gamers compete for a set prize money worldwide. These events are famous globally and are even available to be wagered on betting sites alongside online cricket betting and other conventional betting options.

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile

After the initial announcement of the game’s development on March 10, 2022, Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile was eventually released on March 21, this year. Since then, its reception has more than justified the incredible anticipation and buzz it has generated. 

The game follows the prevalent World War II setting characteristic of the Call of Duty series. It has two main game modes: Battle Royale and Resurgence, both multiplayer modes that allow multiple players to compete in the same environment. The Battle Royale mode allows up to 120 players to compete in a survival match. Conversely, the Resurgence mode can accommodate up to 48 players. In either mode, players can compete individually or in groups of two, three, or four. The game-winner is the last person or team standing.

An exciting feature in the Battle Royale mode is the presence of the “Gulag.” Eliminated players are transferred to this in-game location, where they compete against others to be redeployed back into the main competition. The Gulag, however, is not present in the resurgence mode. Instead, players can resurrect after a certain amount of time if at least one of their teammates is still alive. When playing alone in Solo mode, they must wait for a timer to respawn. 

Into the Dead 2

Into the Dead 2 is a single-player first-person shooter zombie-themed auto-run survival game. The game occurs in a zombie apocalypse environment, with players controlling a character attempting to return to his family during the catastrophe. 

The player’s goal is to avoid being captured by the zombies while automatically sprinting. However, if captured, players can free themselves with a knife or more improved weapons like pistols, rifles, shotguns, crossbows, and grenades, depending on their in-game achievements. 

Overall, Into the Dead 2 offers almost everything a person would want in a zombie-themed shooter game. The game was officially released in 2017, and while it has generated some mixed reactions, it has done well in the mobile gaming community. It was named the best Netflix game at the Pocket Gamer Awards 2023.

Combat Master

Combat Master is an online FPS multiplayer game in which players team up to navigate through several arenas swarming with in-game enemies. The aim is to shoot and take down more enemies than your rival team. Primarily, the game tests players’ shooting aim in a realistic, action-packed set-up.

Combat Master also has an offline single-player mode, where players can play offline against bots rather than other online gamers. This is one of the aspects that distinguishes the game from other popular FPS games, such as COD and PUBG, which only have online multiplayer modes.

Regarding graphics, Combat Master features genuine AAA-grade visuals and animation, which adds to the game’s realism. It also has familiar gameplay, so any FPS game enthusiast will not have to learn anything new.

World War Heroes 

As the name implies, World War Heroes is an FPS game set in World War II. It also operates in an online multiplayer format, where players play against other online players. The aim is to simulate occurrences from the war. Hence, it allows players to play in one of 12 legendary WWII battle zones, such as Berlin and other cities.

The game has various game modes, each with somewhat distinct rules. For example, in deathmatch mode, teams or individuals compete for dominance. The highest-scoring team or player wins the round. There is also the capture mode, in which teams capture points on the map to earn the most points at the end of the game round. Other variants include HQ defense, capture-the-flag, officer defense, etc. 

Overall, the game is an excellent choice for fans of tactically realistic PVP shooters and multiplayer online army battle games.


The games mentioned above are among the best FPS mobile games to play in 2024. They offer stunning graphics, responsive controls, and engaging gameplay to keep you on the edge of your seat. However, there is a range of other options worth checking out. Notable mentions include Critical Ops, Shadowgun Legends, Apex Legends Mobile, Standoff 2, Modern Combat 5, etc.

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