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The Recently Arrived Dedicated Remote Play Streaming Handheld From PlayStation Is Now Available In Australia. Here’s Everything You Should Be Aware of



Playstation handheld gaming controller

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Sony can be called one of the uppermost entertainment brands in the whole world. Every year, this company surprises clients with state-of-the-art technologies, improving their gaming experience. The latest addition to their collection is the PlayStation Portal that has freshly appeared in Australia. Specialists from our team decided to take a look at this device and furnish detailed information for Australian gamers. Check it out.

What Is The PlayStation Remote Play Handheld?

At first, let’s understand what PlayStation Portal is. In simple terms, it’s a brand-new Wi-Fi-only streaming device that will be available in Australia on February 2, 2024. Gamers can pre-order PlayStation Portal at any digital marketplace such as Amazon, EB Games, and JB Hi-Fi for $330.

This wireless controller provides gamers with a possibility to delight in their favorite games installed on their PS5 consoles without being tied to the TV. Such a device is highly immersive, as there are responsive vibrations that react to the most important in-game choices. In addition, there’s a dynamic resistance that mimics the tension of interactions and simulates environmental factors.

Features And Specifications

As we found out what PlayStation Remote Play is used for, let’s take a detailed look at technical characteristics. Let’s start with the fact that the PlayStation Portal has all the functionality of the brand’s main PS5 controller. However, this controller is Wi-Fi only, allowing gamers to take pleasure in their favorite entertainment in any room without a need to sit in front of the TV. Users can complete quests or fight with the boss while they’re eating lunch in the kitchen or chilling on the sofa in the bedroom.

A broadband internet with at least 5Mbps is required. For the best experience, we’d recommend opting for a high-speed connection of at least 15Mbps. Users can exploit both a mobile data network and Wi-Fi, but analysts from our team suggest favoring Wi-Fi connection, as mobile operators can charge additional costs for exceeding data allowance.

The PlayStation Portal has an ergonomic design that provides comfortable handling and a brilliant 8-inch LCD screen. On such a brightly lit and beautiful full HD screen, gamers can take in every detail of their glorious journey. In the table below, you can learn the details about other important technical specifications.

Display8-inch LCD touchscreen
Resolution1920 x 1080
Refresh Rate60Hz
AudioBuilt-in speakers and a 3.5mm audio jack for wired audio


How Does Remote Play Work?

Understanding how to use the PlayStation Remote Play console is a child’s play, as everything is as simple as possible. Before anything else, players need to charge their controllers to make sure that they can use them anytime they want. After that, they’ll have to link their PlayStation Portal to the console and connect the device to Wi-Fi or mobile network to be able to access all the products they’ve purchased. And that’s it.

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Benefits For Australian Gamers

Australian gamers are very enthusiastic about this fresh addition to their market, and that’s understandable. The PlayStation Remote Play controller has numerous upsides that make this device so desirable:

  • Brilliant LCD screen that transfers colors with extreme accuracy
  • Solid battery life that allows users to rejoice in their favorite entertainment for hours on end
  • Possibility to jump right into action without needing to play on a TV
  • Smooth graphics at up to 60fps with high image clarity on 1080p resolution screen
  • Overall convenience, as players can run their best-loved products with a single button

In addition to the advantages listed above, our specialists can add the brilliant sound quality, bigger screen size than Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch have, and a light weight of the device. No wonder that Australians can’t wait to get it into gear.


Potential Drawbacks

In all honesty, it is hard to think about the potential drawbacks of PlayStation Portal, as this device looks ideally so far. The only thing that can push aside a part of clients is a high price of $330, as not every person can afford to spend this amount for the entertainment intents. In addition, this controller doesn’t work without a PlayStation console, so they will have to spend around $800 to purchase it. Not mentioning that all the games must be bought as well.


As of today, the PlayStation Remote Play controller looks fantastic and has a brilliant potential to improve the experience for players. With all the advantages we managed to discover, the PlayStation Portal appears to be a worthy companion for individuals passionate about gaming. We hope that the article helped with your decision whether it is worth putting down a preorder.

Keep gaming 😉

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