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The Future of Valorant on the eSports Scene of North Carolina



Valorant impact on esports

The eSports scene in North Carolina, particularly for Valorant, is poised for significant growth and transformation, driven by strategic investments, burgeoning community interest, and evolving competitive landscapes. The evolution is underpinned by several key developments that signal a promising future for Valorant enthusiasts and participants in the region.

Strategic Investments and Infrastructure Development

North Carolina has taken a bold step into the future of esports with a substantial investment aimed at creating a state-of-the-art esports arena. North Carolina State University (NC State) is at the forefront of this initiative, using a $16 million grant from the state government to construct the largest college esports arena in the United States​​.

The ambitious project underscores the state’s commitment to fostering a vibrant esports ecosystem and reflects the growing recognition of esports as a significant element of academic and extracurricular engagement.

The allocation of funds demonstrates a strategic approach to infrastructure development, with $12 million dedicated to the arena itself and an additional $4 million earmarked for a mobile arena. This mobile unit is designed to bring competitive gaming directly to participants across the state, addressing logistical challenges and expanding access to esports activities​​.

Valorant’s Role in the Esports Ecosystem

Valorant’s ascent within the esports ecosystem has been rapid, with its strategic gameplay melding traditional shooter elements with unique character abilities, captivating a global audience. This dynamic has positioned Valorant as a game and a cultural phenomenon within the competitive scene, offering a vibrant blueprint for engagement and competition, notably within regions like North Carolina.

The viewership numbers from various Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) competitions highlight the game’s growing popularity remarkably. Specifically, the VCT 2023 Americas League saw a peak viewership of 0.554 million and an average viewership of 0.206 million throughout the event, accumulating a staggering 35.9 million hours watched in total.

The most watched match of the event, featuring NRG against LOUD, illustrates the intense interest from the community and the game’s widespread appeal globally. Similarly, the VCT 2023 Pacific and EMEA Leagues reflected Valorant’s wide-reaching popularity, demonstrating its appeal across different regions and cultures.

A pinnacle of Valorant’s viewership achievements was the VCT Champs Istanbul 2022 Grand Finals, where over 1.5 million viewers tuned in to witness the showdown between LOUD and OpTic Gaming, setting a new benchmark for the game’s tournament viewership records​​. This event was a testament to the game’s ability to convene a global audience, with a notable distribution across languages and platforms, emphasizing its universal appeal.

Moreover, Valorant Champions 2023 continued this trend of breaking viewership records, with the upper bracket final between Paper Rex and Evil Geniuses attracting over a million concurrent viewers, marking the fifth time a Valorant Champions match has surpassed this viewership milestone​​.

The implications of these developments for North Carolina are profound. As the state invests in esports infrastructure, such as constructing the largest college esports arena at NC State, Valorant’s popularity and proven track record of attracting large audiences offer a significant opportunity. It can translate into increased engagement at local and state levels, fostering a vibrant community of players, fans, and stakeholders.

Moreover, the game’s global appeal could position North Carolina as a key node in the international esports network, attracting talent, investment, and visibility to the region. The state is currently making waves by legalizing sports betting, and with its focus on esports, it can make a name as a sports-friendly state. Moreover, the soon-to-launch betting platforms offer various state promotions, like the BetMGM bonus code, which is very popular among betting fans.

Expanding Opportunities and Community Engagement

The construction of the largest college esports arena in the U.S., complemented by the innovative mobile arena concept, sets the stage for an unprecedented expansion of esports opportunities in North Carolina. These facilities are expected to serve as venues for competitive gaming and as hubs for community engagement, educational programs, and hands-on learning experiences in event management and hospitality. By integrating Valorant and other popular esports titles into these initiatives, NC State and similar institutions aim to cultivate a rich ecosystem where students and community members can explore the multifaceted world of esports​​.

Anticipating the Future

The trajectory of Valorant’s growth on the esports scene in North Carolina is promising, driven by strategic investments, community enthusiasm, and the game’s inherent appeal. As infrastructure projects like the one at NC State come to fruition, they will undoubtedly serve as catalysts for further growth, attracting players, fans, and investors to the region. With Valorant at the heart of this burgeoning scene, North Carolina is well-positioned to become a pivotal player in the national and international esports landscape.

The ongoing support from educational institutions, combined with proactive investments by the state, suggests a future where Valorant and esports are more broadly not just entertainment but integral components of educational curricula and community engagement strategies. The focus on developing the esports ecosystem in North Carolina benefits Valorant players and fans. It contributes to the broader objectives of fostering innovation, inclusivity, and growth in the digital and interactive entertainment sectors.


The future of Valorant on the esports scene of North Carolina is bright, marked by significant infrastructural developments, community engagement efforts, and the strategic positioning of Valorant as a key player in the competitive gaming arena. With exciting opportunities for players, fans, and stakeholders, these efforts seek to improve the standing of esports in the state as they develop.

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