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Six Big Video Game Releases That Will Set 2024 Alight



6 New Game Releases in 2024

This year is going to be an exciting one for gamers, with a slew of hotly anticipated titles due for release throughout 2024. From classic platform beat-em-ups to weirdly immersive supernatural challenges, there really is something for every type of gaming fan. Here are the six to watch out for coming your way soon.

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

Released in January 2024, the newest edition of the Prince of Persia series had gamers on the edge of their seats, waiting for its launch. A classic action-adventure platformer full of thrills and spills and is an engaging and polished challenge, full of puzzles to solve and enemies to fight. Many players and reviewers are calling it the best in the franchise to date.

Homeworld 3

The highly-anticipated third installment of this Game of the Year-winning franchise is set to be released in March 2024. Prepare to immerse yourself in fully-3D realized space and take command of your fleet to participate in thrilling strategic combat against your foes. And it’s not just enemies to worry about; asteroid fields and particle storms add to the danger, too, to test even the most experienced of Homeworlders.

Egyptian Dreams Deluxe

With the incredible rise of sweepstakes games and casinos in 2023 – set to continue throughout this year and beyond – no list of games would be complete without a mention of one of the most popular of these types of games, now available as a deluxe version. Egyptian Dreams is a visually captivating game loved by players for its exciting range of extras, such as potentially lucrative bonus rounds, interactive mini-games, and multipliers.

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2

Fans of and newbies to the classic tabletop universe will love this sprawling, explosive adventure, which puts players in the role of the formidable Captain Titus and his band of superhuman Space Marines. Your task? Take on the swarming Tyranid horde and defend the Imperial Forge World using a range of outrageous weapons, such as the hugely satisfying plasma cannons. There is plenty of bonus content to unlock, too, including PDF collectors cards, ringtones, the full game soundtrack, an official strategy guide, and more.

Rise of the Ronin

One of the most anticipated open-world games of recent times is Rise of the Ronin, due to appear later in 2024. Set in nineteenth-century Japan, the game’s gorgeous locations put the focus firmly on authenticity, with a story-driven plot that shifts depending on the in-game choices players make as they navigate the sumptuous virtual space.

Pacific Drive

Looking for a supernatural survival game with a difference? Then Pacific Drive, set for release in February 2024, should be on your radar. It quickly becomes apparent that your vehicle is your only hope of escape, and players will need to modify their ride to increase their chance of making it out alive! Don’t worry, though no prior mechanical experience is required to turn your car into an all-terrain tank!

I hope you will like these games as soon they are released. Keep gaming 😉

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