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Pokemon GO Players Struggle with 6-Year-Old Quest Bug Solved!



Recently, it has been observed that Pokemon Go players are unable to progress beyond the mission “Let’s GO Meltan,” which is also a 6-year-old Special Research mission. If you think it’s easy, don’t be fooled; it’s fairly difficult even for experienced gamers.

Sometimes it appears to be simple, and while it can go smoothly, it can also be really difficult to just move around with it.

Finding the precise Pokemon required to fulfil the task is one of the primary reasons for the quest’s difficulty.

As we all know, some Pokemon are difficult to find, while other wild Pokemon spawn times fluctuate dramatically, leaving gamers with no possibility of finding one for themselves.

There are other such research quests available, but the “Let’s GO Meltan” quest is completely ridiculous.

Many players on social media are literally frustrated since they were unable to progress with the quest because they could not obtain the precise Pokemon listed in the quest.

Hence, this “Let’s GO Meltan” is not for everyone and can make anyone furious with its missions.

Well, even though there are so many troubles to face, there is still hope to find the horizon.

Rediscover Kanto with Pokémon GO:

As we discussed how difficult it is to succeed in the “Let’s GO Meltan” quest, now, it’s time to reveal the ultimate solution to fulfil the mission with shining colours.

So, according to the newest report, Niantic has launched a mission called Rediscover Kanto alongside the Pokémon GO event, which began on April 22. However, not everything about the Rediscover Kanto with Pokémon GO event is obvious.

Still, it must bring back a large number of Pokemon from the Kanto area to the game, which will undoubtedly help dissatisfied gamers overcome the difficulties of this ‘Let’s GO Meltan’ research objective.

They may now easily find Pokemon such as Ditto, Omanyte, Kabuto, Aerodactyl, Cubone, and so on, and once completed, gamers can move on to the next assignment.

Wrapping Up:

We hope this helps you in the long term. Don’t give up and start your quest right away; don’t worry, you’ll succeed this time. Finally, thank you for reading.

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