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Online gaming predictions for 2024



Online gaming predictions for 2024

Gaming has been a favorite hobby for many people around the world for a long time now. Constant innovation has helped lead to this and is certainly true when it comes to online gaming. Playing games online — whether via mobile, PC or internet-connected consoles — was a major change in how people interacted with the sector and transformed how we played. This led to online play making gaming itself more social but also quicker to access digitally and ideal for mobile phone users.

As we head through 2024, online gaming is set to develop, grow and set new trends. Keeping up with these trends is always a good idea for keen gamers and interesting to do. Below are some of the most likely online gaming predictions for 2024: 

When you consider how popular online casino play has become in previous years, it is almost certain that more people will be attracted to iGaming in 2024. This is not just something which is confined to the US, as other countries around the world should also see 2024 be a big year for online casino gaming. The UK is a case in point and not only has plenty of safe iGaming platforms to register with but also review sites, such as, which makes finding them simple. 

Generative AI set to take off for online gaming

The many uses for artificial intelligence (AI) in society have led to AI being quickly adopted by numerous industries. Gaming in general is one that should start to incorporate generative AI in 2024, and we expect it to become a major trend for online games in the coming year.

This specific type of AI software will transform the player experience and have a major impact on how characters in online games interact with human players. Generative AI will enable in-game characters to interact in a much more believable way and offer a more authentic experience. By using artificial intelligence protocols to dynamically respond to player behavior in online games, this kind of AI should really light up 2024. 

Cloud streaming in 2024 could be big

Using cloud-based platforms to stream games is nothing new and has been something the industry has been working towards previously. 2024 though could be the year its potential is finally realized, and streaming games starts to find a whole army of new fans. 

For anyone who has not heard of this innovation yet, cloud-based gaming allows players to play titles online without needing to buy physical games or expensive gaming machines. Although you do need a device to stream games online, the processing power of modern mobile devices which people already own coupled with 5G networks make for the ideal solution. 

Not only will cloud streaming games be heard about more in the next 12 months but they will also bring down costs for gamers and enable easy access to the latest titles. 

Blockchain and NFTs in online gaming

As with streaming games online via the cloud, blockchain and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are not new concepts for online players as we progress through 2024. They are both set to really come to the fore in the next 12 months though and make a massive impression on the entire online gaming sector. 

It is expected that more developers will incorporate blockchain tech into their online titles to facilitate safer in-game purchases. As these types of micro-transactions pop up in many of the most popular online games, using blockchain to help make purchases more secure makes perfect sense. It should become a huge story in 2024 and many game studios are likely to embed this technology in their online releases.

NFTs are also set to dominate online play in 2024 and are another great use for blockchain in gaming. These unique tokens can be purchased or won in online games by players and then sold or swapped when they like. This not only brings a while new era of monetization into online play moving ahead but also enables players to have true ownership of unique in-game items. Whether you like to play the best PS5 games online, or game online using another console, PC or mobile, this is a trend which you are likely to come across in 2024.

More online games to enjoy in 2024

Of course, we should all have some entertaining online games to try out in 2024 and there should be some new releases which blow everyone away. From the FF14 ‘Dawntrail’ expansion to World of Warcraft’s ‘The War Within’ and the stunning sequel ‘Path of Exile 2’, there is no doubt that the coming 12 months should include some great games. As is always the case with the latest games online, expect top-notch visuals, rich audio and immersive gameplay.

Online gaming set for a big year in 2024

Online gaming is already a massive niche within the general gaming industry and one that is set to remain popular in 2024. This is crystal clear when you consider the huge revenues online mobile gaming generates and the large number of gamers worldwide who now play online titles. Although it is always hard to make concrete predictions so early in the year, it seems that the above trends should make waves in this niche during the coming year. 

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