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NXpress Nintendo Podcast 289: Ben Esposito Talks Neon White



Neon White interview with Ben Esposito

Ben Esposito Joins NXpress for an Interview!

Neons, sinners plucked from hell to do God’s dirty work–and half the name of quite an incredible indie game released just last week! You won’t find it hard to believe that Donut County director Ben Esposito has come to the NXpress Nintendo Podcast to talk about his newest project Neon White! Of course, we had to try and get him on the show–after all, we did just give his work a lot of high praise and were curious to know more about some of his team’s decision-making. Due to time zones and scheduling conflicts though, this episode is a one-on-one sitdown between the director and the reviewer. Cameron and Campbell are not here for this one.

In this 35-minute interview, Marc Kaliroff takes a deep dive into Esposito’s heaven to discover some of the creation process behind Neon White and what the future holds for its director. What inspired the title’s first-person runner gameplay? Was its nonlinearity approach intentional? Will there be a physical copy and can we one day see an anime with the wonderful Steve Blum? Find out answers to all these questions and more in our full interview!

For more from Ben Esposito, be sure to follow him on social media @torahhorse, and check out his other work! To hear Cameron and Campbell talk again soon, don’t forget to check out our usual episode that will be released this week too!

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Neon White

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