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NXpress Nintendo Podcast #192: Drafting Nintendo Basketball Teams



NBA Suspended? No Worries, We Got You Covered

Forget about who is best at lengthy quests to save the magical kingdoms — which Nintendo characters can survive forty-eight minutes of running up and down the basketball court, and emerge victorious? This week, that’s exactly the question that the hosts of the NXpress Nintendo Podcast hope to answer. Rick, Tim, and Patrick cull through Nintendo’s extensive roster of characters in order to build their ideal team through our first sports draft. Will they go for speed and shooting? Or perhaps construct a squad of brutes that can out-muscle their opponents inside? What B-level players will be forced to sit on the bench? And since when did mind control become such an important tactic when shooting hoops?

All of these questions and more will be answered via lengthy explanations and passionate defenses (even if the league isn’t big on blocking shots). Before that, however, the guys discuss a multitude of topics, including the cancellation of E3, and the impact of the lengthy lack of first party releases for the Switch. For all this and more, have a listen!

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