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NXpress Nintendo Podcast #179: ‘Creature in the Well’ Developer Interview and ‘Daemon X Machina’ Review



We love doing developer interviews, and this week is a good one: Adam Volker of Flight School Studio joins us to talk about their recent release, Creature in the Well. Having served as creative director on the project, Adam gives Rick, Patrick, and newcomer Campbell Gill insight into the project’s creation, construction, and even a little bit of what the developers have learned since the release. Important questions are answered, such as: is this really a ‘pinball’ game? What part of the game was inspired by Sesame Street? And a solution is given to perhaps the most difficult puzzle of all: how in the sandy world do you heal your wounded BOT-C? Fans of this recently released action-puzzle game — as well as anyone interested in game design — won’t want to miss it!

Later, Campbell gives Rick and Patrick the rundown on Daemon X Machina, a new Switch game where apparently flying around like a giant robot while blowing stuff up is actually pretty fun! It turns out that a lot has been improved from the early (and shaky) demo, but how does someone screw up a story that involves the moon exploding? You’ll have to tune in to find out.

Finally, the guys offer their impression of Nintendo’s latest bit of wackiness, Ring Fit Adventure, an exercise-based game that will supposedly give players abs of steel while they explore a fantasy land and out-workout a slew of monsters along the way. Frankly, however, we spend more time discussing the video’s actors. For all this and more, have a listen!

For more info on Creature in the Well, check out their website.

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LFXIV – NXpress Intro
Nintendosage: Interview with Adam Volker of Flight School Studio
BSlick – “Creature in the Well theme sone
Main Event: Daemon X Machina review
Daemon X Machina soundtrack
Bonus Content: Ring Fit Adventure review
Daemon X Machina soundtrack

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