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NXpress Nintendo Podcast #158: Dissecting ‘Pokemon Sword’ & ‘Shield’ Reveal, More ‘Detective Pikachu’



February 27th was Pokémon Day, and not only was it the perfect time for a certain highly anticipated reveal for Generation 8, but it’s also the ideal occasion for the show to welcome back one our much-missed host! Tim makes his triumphant return this week, here to bestow his vastly superior Pokémon knowledge upon the rest of us mere mortals — and not just for the new game trailer for Pokemon SwordShieldDetective Pikachu also receives some love, as the new footage is dissected for any possible clues as to whether Trubbish will make an appearance (well, that’s what Patrick wants anyway). Joining Tim and Patrick on this adventure is Pokémon skeptic Izsak Barnette, who sits stunned in silence at the sheer brilliance cast by Tim’s Pokémon light.

Before all that, the guys of course talk about what they’ve been playing. Patrick never misses a chance to mention Hollow Knight while discussing his experience with physics-based platformer The Lost Light of Sisu, Izsak goes on an Old Man’s Journey, and Tim brags about his Smash Bros. Ultimate skills with the World of Light. Turns out being a brand-new papa hasn’t stopped him from getting in a few matches.

For all this and more on the NXpress Nintendo Switch Podcast, have a listen!

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