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Is Sony Playstation 5 (PS5) Pro ready or not? All we know today about release date



PlayStation 5

What Is The PS5 Pro?

“After the wheel, the PlayStation is the best invention of all time.” Andrea Pirlo.

For those of you that have not heard of it as of yet, the PS5 Pro is a newer “version” of the PS5: a PS5.5, if you will. 

There is precedent: the release of the PS4, for example, was followed by the PS4 Slim, a console so named because of the fact that it was a slimmer version of its predecessor, which is to say that PlayStation is known to release a console that is merely an improved “version” of their current generation of console before proceeding to release their next numbered iteration.

The PS5 Pro – codenamed Trinity – was initially found out about via a leak back in March: it was met with a combination of emotions, but also a fairly large amount of controversy on the basis that a large amount of people considered the upgrade to be largely unnecessary. After all, the PS5 is already incredibly powerful – especially when compared to the PS4 – and none of the rumored updates made people feel especially excited.

Furthermore, there’s an extent to which an upgrade to something that some people own might induce envy: if you have spent a large portion of your salary on the original PS5, and games for it, you might feel envious if other people come to own an improved version of said console that you cannot afford. It’s simple psychology. 

An article by claimed to have received the specs, and followed this claim up by laying out some of the details of said specs, revealing that the new PS5 Pro will include a more powerful GPU, and will be able to use more memory than the base console. They also made mention of ray tracing within said article, noting that some of the aforementioned improvements to the console will better allow for efficacious ray tracing, which is an exciting thought: focus on ray tracing should make its games increasingly immersive, as good gameplay – something that PS5 have consistently had – is certainly supplemented by graphical fidelity. 

Either way, it’s definitely tactical for Sony to release this console, eventually: grabbing even a tiny bit more market share helps them better combat PC, Xbox and the like, and slightly future-proofs the PS5, in the sense that consoles in the future will have to beat the PS5 Pro, and not just the base PS5.

Is The PS5 Pro Ready Or Not?

Unfortunately, it’s not known with 100% certainty what phase development of the PS5 Pro is in currently: if there are prototypes still being worked on, or if there is a fully-functional PS5 Pro floating around out there somewhere. Indeed, there’s not even a set release date yet: googling “PS5 Pro release date” yields only rumors, and tentative rumors at that. 

Until someone does announce that the console is ready, we can’t even say for sure that it will release in 2024.

Maybe a better question is, “Are we – as gamers – ready for the PS5 Pro or not!?” But that question does presuppose that we might be excited, which is the next thing to be discussed within this article…

Should You Be Excited About This New Release?

“I can’t live without my PlayStation.” Anuel AA. 

Arguably, the release of the PS5 Pro could be considered to be exciting. Here are three reasons why this release might be exciting for you:

Reasons To Be Excited

1) A lot of people ended up putting off buying the base PS5. After all, getting on release was difficult owing to the shortages with respect to stock, and by the time the PS5 was widely available, the novelty had worn off for many. So, if you’re someone that happened to put off buying one, the release of the PS5 Pro might be considered to be especially exciting, and waiting for the PS5 Pro might be logical for these people. 

2) Having an improved version of the base console release might induce Microsoft release an improved version of their Xbox, and improved technology in the newest consoles, combined with more choices for consumers, can never be a bad thing. In other words, the PS5 Pro might – for slightly tenuous reasons – be good for Microsoft fans. 

3) More money for Sony – which the release of the PS5 Pro would inevitably represent – gives them more money to spend on new games, including independent games that they otherwise might not, ordinarily speaking, be willing to spend. That is to say, more money for Sony is good for gamers in a roundabout way.


However, simply put, we don’t have enough confirmed information to be able to make any declarations with any real certainty. When things are new, it’s never knowable the extent to which hype is deserved: Bitcoin, for example, was thought to be a scam by some when it first released – or, if not a scam, at least meaningless hype – but now Bitcoin is used inordinately frequently, with pages dedicated to allowing you to learn more about Bitcoin casinos, for example, where Bitcoin casinos are, somewhat self-evidently, casinos that allow you to wager said cryptocurrency that was once thought to be merely hype by some. NFTs, on the other hand, seem to have lost a lot of their value, and yet it was some of the same people serving as proponents of the former that served as proponents of the latter. 

When an official press release comes, detailing the exact specifications, how worthwhile the purchase of a PS5 Pro will be will become clearer. Some have been excited at times; some of its most outspoken proponents seem to have begun to have run out of steam, though. Still, I’m incredibly excited, and I hope that it’s as good as it could potentially be.

Adam loves gaming and the latest Tech surrounding it, especially AI and Crypto Gaming are his fave topics

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