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How to Cure a Zombie Villager: Restoring Life of the Undead Innocent Villagers



How to cure Zombie Villager

In the immense universe of Minecraft, sometimes you discover flesh-eating monsters emerging straight out of the night, creating chaotic situations and strange creatures we call zombie villagers. But the situation was different because these monsters were once normal villagers living a peaceful life. Now, something infectious has turned them into scary zombies.

But don’t worry! In this article, we will cover everything related to how to make them normal villagers again, just like before. So, whether you are new to Minecraft or a top-class gamer, we will guide you on how to help these zombie villagers become friendly villagers once more. Read it till the end!

Revealing everything about Zombie Villagers:

Zombie villagers are made of something truly saddening. It’s basically like your normal zombie movie scenes where a regular villager gets bitten by a zombie and then eventually turns into something disastrous. But hopefully, there is a cure for it, and to know that, keep reading!

A Chance to Make Things Normal: Curing Zombie Villagers:

As we mentioned, there is a way in Minecraft to make things normal as they were. You can also use golden apples and potions of weakness to help a zombie villager (we will cover the golden apples and weakness portion in the next segment of the article). And trust me, both ingredients will be like a prince’s kiss that will surely revive Zombie Villagers.

Essential Ingredients: What You Need for Curing Zombie Villagers:

Here comes the detailed overview of golden apples and potions of weakness that are a must to cure Zombie Villagers:

Golden Apples:

These apples are not your normal apples; these are special golden apples that work as a magic cure for Zombie Villagers. The procedure is to make them using your eight gold ingots, but always make sure you have enough golden apples before you try to help them, or else they will be turned into zombies again.

Potions of Weakness:

The next ingredient to help Zombie Villagers is Potions of Weakness, which will help you tame the curse. Other than golden apples, you will also need this special potion of weakness to turn back the undead. Making these potions is as simple as mixing spices in your curry; you have to mix water with a special thing called a fermented spider eye. So, always keep a note of every ingredient needed, or all your hard work will go in vain.

Healing the Curse: An Easy Step-by-Step Guide to Accomplish Your Goal:

Here comes the heart of our article that will explain how you can easily, step by step, recover innocent villages from the Zombie apocalypse.

First Step: Find and Secure the Zombie Villager:

In the initial phase, you have to discover the zombie villager’s location in Minecraft. When you spot their location, you have to build a strong fence around them or attach them to a lead to prevent them from getting away from you.

Second Step: Using One of the Curing Ingredients, “Golden Apple”:

Once you stop them from running away, you have to get close to them and give them a golden apple by clicking on it. The villager will start eating your special golden apple, and this will begin the healing process you’ve been waiting for so long.

Third Step: Make the Curse Weaker on Zombie Villagers:

After providing the golden apple to Zombie Villagers, it’s finally time to make the curse even weaker. For that, hold the potion of weakness and click on the cured zombie villager. This will make the villager look like it’s surrounded by sparkles.

Fourth Step: Be Patient as You Deal with Zombie Villagers:

Once you have provided the potion of weakness, be patient and wait for some time. The cured zombie villager will slowly turn into a normal villager, but it would take from two to five minutes. So, don’t try to rush and keep your mind at peace while recovering the villagers.

Reaping the Benefits by Fully Recovered Villager:

After a long procedure and hard work, finally, the villagers will be cured of their curses. Now it’s your time to reap the fruits from the seeds you have sown. Here are the following benefits you will get after curing the Zombie Villagers:

Firstly, Finding Out What the Villager’s Occupation:

When the cured zombie villager has become normal, it will immediately pick a new job. This job can be kind of random and depends on things like work tables and beds nearby. So, make sure you have the right things ready for villagers to work on according to your benefit.

Secondly, Communicating with the Normal Villager:

Once you are done with allotting jobs to villagers, you can talk to the villager like you would with other normal villagers. They will have things to trade, so you can make good deals, get useful things from them, and make your Minecraft world free from any further disasters occurring in the world.

Wrapping Up:

Lastly, as my final words, I’d like to say that the world of Minecraft is diverse, and you can turn a zombie villager into a helpful member of your village. If you think it’s just a waste of time, you are mistaken, my friend. It is not only doable but also a good thing to do as a player because good deeds always come back in a good way, whether in the game or real life.

Just follow the steps we discussed in this guide, and you can save these poor villagers and develop your village the way you want it. Finally, the most important things to remember are getting ready, building patience, and not giving up at any cost. If you follow this, your Minecraft journey will become way happier and more successful. So, never hesitate, step forward to cure the zombie villagers, and see how great things can be for you. Thanks for Reading!

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