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How to Add Friends on Destiny 2 | 2023 Guide to Crossplay Friend Requests



Destiny 2 LFG Finder

How to Add Friends on Destiny 2 and Enhance Your Gaming Experience

Looking to grow your Destiny 2 friends list? Adding fellow Guardians across platforms takes your game to the next level. This comprehensive guide teaches you how to send and accept crossplay friend requests on PC, Xbox and PlayStation. Learn to build the perfect fireteam via companion apps, subreddits, and LFG apps. Read on for tips to interact safely with new players and create bonds through co-op adventures, Raids, and Trials. Whether you want to lead a clan or just play casually with buddies, you’ll master Destiny 2 social features with this easy walkthrough. Say goodbye to solo queues and embrace connected multiplayer action.

Ultimate Destiny 2 LFG Team Finder

Gametree goes beyond traditional LFG matchmaking tools. It uses advanced algorithms to match you with compatible teammates based on playstyle, skill level, languages spoken and more. If you are looking for gaming friends, check out and connect with like-minded players across Xbox, PlayStation and PC. You can even specify the exact activities, classes and moods you want to play in.

The app has an intuitive chat system to communicate with new partners. Easily schedule gaming sessions at times that work for everyone in your fireteam. You’ll be ready to take on any PvE content like Raids, Nightfalls and Dungeons. Gametree also facilitates building long-term friendships and clans. When you find players you connect with, you can continue running missions together regularly. No more gambling with LFG and hoping for tolerable randoms.

Overall, Gametree is the top Destiny 2 LFG app for fast, yet customized fireteam building. The smart matching, chat and scheduling features make it easy to be raid ready in no time.

How to Invite Friends for Crossplay in Destiny 2

With crossplay, Guardians on different platforms can now play together. To invite crossplay friends in Destiny 2:

  • Open the Director and go to the Roster screen.
  • Tap the envelope icon to access your crossplay friends list.
  • Select a friend and click ‘Invite to Fireteam’ to play together.

Your friends on PC, Xbox and PlayStation will receive your fireteam invite notification.

Inviting Friends through the Roster Screen

To send invites via the Roster screen:

  • Press the Home button and open the Director.
  • Navigate to the Roster tab on the far left.
  • Scroll through your friends list and hover over a friend.
  • Click the plus (+) symbol next to their name to send an invite.

Destiny will automatically send a notification to your friend. If they accept, you’ll be added to the same fireteam.

Managing Invites and Friend Requests

Pending invites and friend requests can be managed through the Roster screen:

  • Open the Director and select Roster.
  • Click the envelope icon next to your profile.
  • The notifications page shows pending fireteam invites and friend requests.
  • You can accept or decline invites and requests from here.

Accepting a friend request will add that player to your crossplay friends list.

Tips for a Better Multiplayer Experience in Destiny 2

Here are some tips to help you find fun fireteams and build your in-game community:

  • Join an active clan to participate in endgame activities like raids and Trials of Osiris. Check forums like Reddit to find clans recruiting new members.
  • Use LFG matchmaking sites and apps like and the Destiny 2 companion app to connect with players for all activities.
  • Be welcoming to new players and help guide them through complex missions. Building a friendly reputation helps grow your friends list.
  • Use voice chat when in matchmade activities. Communication is key for coordination during tough objectives.
  • Experiment with different classes and builds. Having variety in a fireteam leads to more effective strategy.
  • Schedule regular play sessions with friends. Consistency helps build camaraderie over time.

Enhancing Your Gaming Experience

Here are some recommended Destiny LFG resources:

  • – One of the most popular LFG sites with constant posts for all activities.
  • Destiny 2 Companion App – Has integrated LFG features and a solid playerbase. Excellent for quickly finding fireteams.
  • /r/DestinyTheGame subreddit – The game’s official subreddit has a weekly clan/LFG thread.
  • – Lets you schedule games in advance and build consistent friend groups.

Ensuring Safety When Interacting with New Gaming Friends

When connecting with random players online, be sure to:

  • Keep personal information like your real name or location private.
  • Use party chat instead of game chat if uncomfortable. You can mute or block players.
  • Review profiles and avoid players with inappropriate content.
  • Stop playing if you feel harassed. Report abusive players to platform authorities.
  • Vet clans before joining to ensure they align with your values.

Bottom Line

Adding and playing with friends makes Destiny 2 infinitely more rewarding. You’ll forge new relationships, experience the game’s full depth, and build memories slaying aliens or dominating Crucible arenas together. Use the tips in this guide to populate your friends list and create your perfect fireteam. The final rewards are not just loot, levels or bragging rights, but the bonds formed with fellow Guardians.

Happy Gaming everyone 😉 Enjoy the game with new and old friends!

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