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Gaming and other Industries where web hosting is indispensable



Web Hosting for Online Gaming

Web hosting is crucial for any type of business or startup. It has lately been heavily used by influencers, too, because it allocates the space for users to view files as images or content to be easily readable. Websites hosted on servers are based on different technologies since hosting is basically renting or buying a space on the web. 

Without web hosting, online users can’t access a company’s website and inform themselves about the products and services provided. Of course, owning a website without hosting services may be possible, but it’s not recommended for a brand whose goal is to get views and recognition online. 

At the same time, web hosting provides plenty of benefits for organizations. First, it improves site performance, which is crucial for the customer’s experience. It’s a lot more trustworthy in terms of costs and high uptime, but what web hosting provides best is the security, which is already scarce. Computer viruses, data theft, and malware or phishing are pretty common in the age of the internet. By 2025, cybercrime and lack of proper safety measures will cost companies $10.5 trillion. 

However, some businesses need superior web hosting services than others since they’re crucial to customers, too. Let’s find out what industries need web hosting the most. 

What web hosting service is best for my company?

Every company and its website require specific services based on what they must offer their customers, which is why there are multiple hosting services. First, there’s shared hosting, which 

is great for companies on a budget or startups. 

There’s also VPS hosting, which provides upgraded levels of server resources. Dedicated hosting has the best performance and storage levels, allowing you to customize the website in numerous ways to improve customer preferences. And finally, cloud hosting is made for those who use virtual hardware and want more flexibility and cost-effective services. 

So, as you can see, as a company, you’ve got many resources and opportunities to improve customer satisfaction, brand image and exposure online, so you only have to manage your expenses and create a plan through which you’ll take advantage of the new web hosting service, mainly if you’re operating in the following industries. 


The gaming industry experienced a booming growth in the past years. However, after the pandemic, when an increasing number of users started gaming out of boredom, it became one of the most critical industries in the world, expanding on various branches.

Although there are a few steps in creating a gaming website, you must:

  • Choose a name and register it;
  • Sign up for a web hosting plan;
  • Choose a platform;
  • Customize the gaming website;
  • Set up your server;

Besides the hosting plan, setting up a gaming server is essential. For some, it’s complicated and intimidating, but to provide high-quality performance, reliable infrastructure and superior levels of security, you need a dedicated game server.

These servers guarantee users the best gaming experience, ensuring traffic is not compromised and optimal performance at reasonable prices. At the same time, you’ve got powerful gaming with Ryzen processors and architecture based on Zen 3 technology.


Retail is the industry that powers up the economy by providing a flow of buying opportunities for clients. But like most sectors, retail also suffered a considerable shift since the pandemic, when the average customer preferred online shopping over physical one. Hence, retailers and marketers had to polish their brand image and offer proper websites with payment methods to retain customers even during a crisis.

Retail cannot exist without web hosting now because every business must provide its products and services online for expanded coverage. Retailers need to showcase their products and provide information about their usability, which requires computing and programming support for the website to sustain all the traffic.

Retail is essential for every industry, even gaming because partnerships and collaborations are required to keep the industries alive for the changing customer audience. Therefore, you may need to work with the game hosting company in order to explore growth possibilities within your business for unlimited traffic, private bandwidth and power supply.


Travel and tourism are great contributors to the economy but suffered the most after the pandemic. The estimated contribution to GDP for 2023 will not be higher than the pre-pandemic rates. Hence, tourism was heavily affected and will slowly but steadily regain its powers. However, according to Statista, the industry is forecasted to grow to 15.5 trillion US dollars in ten years, which is a considerable improvement that will be approached with proper web hosting services.

That’s because hotels, restaurants, and travel agencies must update their approach and take it to the next level when the marketing strategy goes beyond word-of-mouth. Any reputable agency and company must have a safe and fast website where customers can check the pricing of their destination, the availability in a specific period and reviews of any place they have in mind for visiting. This is only possible on a website that works adequately, is optimized and works well with SEO in order to increase visibility.

A business providing tourism services can grow by employing proper web hosting since it benefits from the following:

  • Improved website performance through fast loading speed;
  • Enhanced technical support to avoid financial losses;
  • Specific email addresses to ensure credibility;
  • Better website security through spam software and different plugins;
  • High uptime for superior customer satisfaction;


The health industry comprises much more than hospitals and care services. It also includes wellness products and services, from yoga classes to specific supplements, whether prescribed or not. Unfortunately, the health sector is underwhelmingly provided with the right technology when it comes to online exposure. However, when it comes to social media, certain segments of audiences look for interviews, podcasts and news about health and wellness. This part of the industry is linked with education, where customers are interested in learning about the subject and looking for reliable sources. 

Still, these sources must be packed and offered on websites that ensure credibility and safety through rapidness, domains, and proper SEO, which can be achieved with the right web hosting services.

What’s most important in the health and wellness industry is positioning as a high-authority business because this is how Google recognizes you as valuable. Of course, there are more steps involved in the process, from the links you provide on the website to the keyword research for the articles and content. However, when it comes to a solid site structure, a better page load speed, and mobile optimization, you need web hosting to fix the loading time, receive backup from the hosting provider each time the website is down, and benefit from multiple levels of security.

Final considerations

Web hosting is the backbone of every reputable business that wants to leverage the benefits of technologization. It helps your business have a reliable site that loads as fast as possible and ensures your customer’s safety, while managing sales and leads. While some companies prefer free services, they might not cover high uptime, improved traffic and bandwidth, and multiple domain hosting. At the same time, the costs for the web hosting services will help you avoid unwanted expenses from data breaches and cyberattacks.

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