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Do Video Games Make You Smarter? Check CerebrumIQ reviews and find your score!



Playing video games

There has long been a debate (particularly among parents and teens, but not only!) about whether or not video games can actually make you smarter. There are logical arguments on both sides of the debate, and both the arguments for and against deserve to be considered more carefully.

Let’s take a closer look at the question in detail. Both concerned parents and their respective teens deserve a fair hearing, after all. Regardless of your ethical views on the subject, you could benefit greatly from taking an IQ test to see where you stand. Now let’s take a closer look at the pluses and minuses involved.

Benefits of playing video games

Ok, as mentioned above, the kids deserve a minute to make their case on this. The video game industry is a massive one, after all, and there are a lot of smart people who have made careers out of inventing these games.

There are some things that can’t be denied. For one thing, many of today’s video games are highly strategic. So players definitely develop cognitive reasoning abilities; the ability to plan carefully; make difficult, fast-paced decisions, and other valuable cognitive skills.

Video games also help increase focus. For some players, the entire world could be falling apart around them, and they would barely even notice because they are so intently focused on their game. Whether or not this focus would apply to other areas of life is a different question, of course, and we will get to this below.

Memory is another skill that can be honed to a fine degree by playing video games. Players often have to remember many things about where secret passageways are, what kinds of characters might be lurking in the background, how to get from one place to another, etc. So games can definitely enhance players’ ability to retain important pieces of information.

Psychological studies have also compared the cognitive benefits of video games to different forms of social media, and the results have indicated clear differences in favor of video games. Researchers have found that social media generally only dulls cognitive abilities, whereas video games can have very positive effects on them.


Despite all the benefits, there are, of course, drawbacks to playing video games. One of many parents’ biggest concerns about them is that they tend to isolate players and prevent them from socializing with other people in person. In time, they say, the kids start to withdraw from people naturally, which causes them to become antisocial.

Can this reduce a person’s IQ? Possibly. Interacting with other people does give you fresh ideas, after all, and gets you thinking in new directions. Although there are also people who simply like to sit inside and read all day, so it is debatable.

Another widespread concern among parents is addiction. Game addiction is a real thing, and it can be just as problematic as alcohol or any other type of addiction. People who don’t want to do anything but play all the time are shutting out whole areas of life that can be beneficial to them in many ways, including cognitive ones. And in doing this, their brains start to focus only on those skills that are required for the game and nothing else. So they might actually reduce cognitive abilities that don’t play a role in the games.

Test yourself

The only way to find out where exactly you stand is to take an IQ test online. There is now a great test available online called CerebrumIQ that anyone in the world can take, regardless of age, education level, or native language group. It has a unique design and consists of pictorial questions that provide riddles to be solved.

Another unique feature of CerebrumIQ is that you can actually do things to improve your score over time. The program offers fun exercises and games that are mentally challenging, and which will allow you to build individual cognitive areas that you might have lacked the first time around. The test has been getting amazing reviews just in the short period in which it has been out. Some people are getting so into the exercises that they make them part of their daily routine. Almost like gamers do with their games!

Get started today!

Regardless of where you stand on the video games debate, you can see that there are distinct pluses and minuses to the phenomenon. And the debate will surely go on. If you are a player and want to see if your IQ will increase over the course of time, give CerebrumIQ a try over successive months and see what happens to your score. And if you’re still not satisfied, try the program’s skill-building exercises to sharpen your mind!

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