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Building the digital battlefield in real life: Priming for miniatures from your favorite online games



Miniatures for Gaming

Greetings, fellow gamers and digital warriors! If you share a passion for online gaming and miniatures, you’ll agree that miniatures aren’t just pawns on the board; they’re avatars from the online realm waiting for a touch of creativity. Amidst the vast realm of online gaming, the importance of priming becomes the unsung hero, laying the foundation for an army depicting the virtual realm that will march through the pixels of your screen. So, why does priming matter when giving life to the world of online gaming? Picture primer sprays for minatures as the loyal sidekick—grasping onto your warriors like a koala to a tree, ensuring each color is vibrant and clings resolutely to the miniature figures, just like you are used to on the digital canvas.

Giving life to online characters

Before delving into the universe of primer sprays tailored for miniatures and wargaming terrains, let’s not neglect the significance of a smooth surface. Cleaning your miniatures to erase any remnants of residue or unwanted input is crucial—the groundwork for a flawless primer application in the real world. Without this preparation, your minis might as well be sent into battle clad in capes made of glitchy artifacts. A perfect priming is not just about aesthetics; it’s about providing your virtual warriors with the same quality as their digital armor, which they need to face any input or quest that lies ahead.

The optimal shade 

Selecting the optimal shade to initiate your digital-going-real project is the next level of strategic planning. Primers come in various colors, akin to assembling your party before an epic quest. Opt for white for a vivid burst of color, or choose black to add depth and shadows to your minis. Gray stands as the neutral middle ground, the Switzerland of color palettes. The color you choose can influence the number of layers of paint required afterward, and in the fast-paced world of online gaming, where you want to be true to the digital colors of your characters, efficiency is key.

Consider the endgame

For those who seek immersion in their painting, consider the endgame. Envision the digital landscapes your characters come from, and visualize how they will inhabit the real world and the atmosphere you want to evoke. Will your fearless avatars be charging under a blazing sun, or will they lurk in the shadows of dystopian ruins? Your choice of primer acts as the first step toward that vision. Experimenting with colored primers can introduce subtle undertones to your overall palette, adding an extra layer of depth to your figures.

Terrains mimicking the online realm

Beyond the digital figures, the terrains in online gaming require a solid primer coat to ensure they are just as visually appealing in the real world. Applying primer to your rolling hills, eerie forests or futuristic ruins ensures that the details from the digital version won’t be lost in translation when you are painting your miniatures and terrains. Consistency is vital; you want your minis to feel at home in their surroundings, creating a cohesive battleground that’s visually enticing during gameplay.

Mastering the spray technique

Mastering the spray technique is crucial in the priming game. Don’t just spray aimlessly and hope for the best. Here’s a pro tip for all the online warriors: Maintain a distance of about a foot away and use sweeping motions to coat your figures. The result should be as smooth as executing your best moves in the game. Consider the climate as well; the temperature and humidity can turn your priming session into either a masterpiece or a glitchy disaster, so choose your battleground wisely.

The transition from online to the real world

Once your miniatures are sprayed, your army looks uniform, and you’re eager to dive into the paints, exercise restraint! Good things come to those who wait, and allowing your primer time to dry properly is a test of true patience. For those aspiring to create masterpieces, consider a bit of sanding between layers to smooth out any rogue textures. Then, it’s onto the undercoat, and your miniature is ready to become a legendary avatar, or at least something that looks epic while conquering enemy lines. It is the perfect emergence of the virtual artistic details transitioning into the real world in your miniature avatars. 

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