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All About Aghasba Towers: What You Need to Know



Aghasba Towers is a newly announced open-world game developed by Dreamlit Games, a small game studio.

Well, developers of the game claim that it’s a special open world where you can build your own houses and survive in a way you have never seen before in any game. And because of that, everyone is really excited for it to be launched, but still, there are many questions that need to be addressed, and we are here to help you out!

So, keep reading if you are curious to know about it.

Discovering Aghasba Towers: What We Know So Far:

Currently, as of now, we don’t have much idea about the plot or storyline of the game Towers of Aghasba, which is quite saddening, I know.

But what we know is that players will get to see amazing fantasy islands, and you can build your own fortress.

This consists of restoring the ecosystem if you wish to do so. The game is all about surviving in a world full of deadly monsters.

This game is also similar to other survival games, where you will be given varieties of tools to build a fortress and set traps for your safety. But there is also dissimilarity, and that its gameplay is so unique that you can never assume what will happen next.

Monsters could suddenly give you a jump scare and attack you, and rivers might overflow your fortress. So you have to be alert all the time. Because this brand new survival game is full of surprises.

Dreamlit Games developers stated that the Towers of Aghasba will also let you rebuild civilization, restore the ecosystem, and explore the open world, as we already mentioned.

You have to use traversal mechanics such as creating useful weapons and combating monsters to survive the world of the game.

Well, based on previews, we can say that it is like a role-playing game in survival mode, and you will have control as the main character, just improve skills, and wear equipment like weapons and armor to protect yourself.

And the best part of the game that I like the most is there are options where there are creatures to tame and ride as well.

Other things to do in the game are to explore underwater habitats, and you can do plant cultivation as well.

If you are bored with your character’s looks, you can also opt for character customization with masks and more – kind of like ARK: Survival Evolved. Sounds great right? I bet it does!

The Release Date and Supported Platforms:

Before, it was assumed that the Towers of Aghasba were going to be released this upcoming year in 2024 at PlayStation, but sadly, it’s still not confirmed officially for PlayStation 5 and PC (Steam), and developers of the franchise haven’t revealed if it’ll also be available on Xbox consoles.

But if we get any updates regarding the same, we will surely inform you soon. So, stay tuned to our site for the latest updates.

Wrapping Up:

We hope you have enjoyed reading so far. Stay tuned for more such updates.

Happy gaming and thanks for reading!

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