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A Winner Is You Podcast Episode 52: The Video Game Draft 2001



Welcome, one and all, to the inaugural Video Game Draft! We’re doing something a little different in 2023 with this bonus new episode type. We got our buddy KDB from the Gears Intel podcast (which also includes the two of us) to join us as we look back on the year 2001 in gaming in a fun and competitive way.

The basic premise is that we determine a draft order and then each take turns picking 10 games, one per round for 10 rounds, from everything released in 2001. Once we have our 10 games picked, we then look up the games’ individual Metacritic critic review scores, and the person with the highest total for all their 10 games wins.

It starts off pretty easy, as there are a number of huge games from 2001, but as you get down the pecking order and into the later rounds, you’re left with more niche or potentially underrated titles. We aim to keep this going for as long as it remains fun, so we’ll be keeping a running tally of winners.

We used the Wikipedia page for 2001 games to draft from, so here it is if you want to follow along. Don’t forget to tweet us @winnerisyoupod if you want to request a game for us to cover, or just to chat! See you next episode for some Dead Space Remake!

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