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5 Best CS2 Cases: And Where to Find Them



CS2 Skins

In Counter-Strike 2, cases make the game very exciting and provide players with new weapons, boxes, treasures, and packages. It is like a surprise box with items also known as skin that you need while playing the game. Additionally, you can sell these skins for as much as $1000. Imagine getting one of the best CS2 cases, and not knowing what’s inside it, only to find a skin worth so much! This article will discuss the best CS2 cases and how you can get the cases. Let’s begin by exploring the various types of cases available.

Valuable CS2 Cases

We will be exploring most of the valuable CS2 cases in the game. Most of these skins are created by the community, others by Valve, the game developer. 

Revolver Case

This case contains weapon skins like the Point Disarray skin for the AK-47, the Royal Paladin skin for the M4A4, and the Fade skin for the R8 Revolver. It is one of the most sought-after cases because of its knives. You’d find a large variety of knives with skins such as the Fade skin for the Flip Knife,  Crimson Web skins for the Karambit, the Case Hardened, and the Fade and Crimson Web for the Bayonet.

Prisma Case

The Prisma case is appealing to a lot of players and is the most popular case, thanks to its colorful and vibrant skins. On unboxing this case, you will find the Emperor skin for the M4A4, the Momentum Skin for the AUG,  a Marble Fade or Tiger Tooth skin for the Talon Knife, and a Doppler skin for the Ursus knife.

Prisma 2 Case

In this case, you will find knife skins like the Doppler skin for the Ursus knife, the Doppler skin for the Talon knife, and the Doppler and Marble Fade skin for the Stiletto knife. The weapons in this case include the Phantom Disruptor skin for the AK-27, the Player 2 skin for the M4A1-S, and the Bullet Queen skin for the Glock-18. 

Wildfire Case

The Wildfire Case has a collection of unique skins for different weapons. Skins like the Elite Build skin for the AWP, the Kumicho Dragon skin for the Desert Eagle, and the Fuel Injector skin for the AK-47. It also contains skins for Bowie knives such as the Fade and Crimson Web skin.

Recoil Case

While this case does not have skins for knives, it does offer weapon skins for gloves. You will find the Chromatic Aberration skin for the AWP, and the Printstream skin for the USP-S. Other stand-out glove skins are the Nocts skin, the Slingshot skin for the Sports Gloves, and the Field Agent skin for the Specialist Gloves for Sports Gloves. 

How to get CS2 cases

Now you know most of the best CS2 cases, it is time to explore how to get these cases. 

Purchase cases

There are scenarios where you might need a particular skin for your weapon, the only way to get this skin is to buy the case. All cases have price points, some higher than others especially cases with rare skins like the Wildfire case. If you want to purchase a case, simply open CS2, go to the store, navigate to its market, and start shopping for the case that has the skin you want. 

Weekly Report 

You can get cases through weekly rewards if you play the game regularly, as this increases your chance of getting a weekly care package. On getting this package, you are expected to claim 2 rewards from the 4 cases when you’ve gained an XP point. This is why you should play regularly to gain the XP point, and if you get another one within the same week, you can claim the remaining two cases. The thing about their FREE rewards is that the skins are limited, you might not find a rare skin in there. Secondly, you require a key to open a claimed case and to get the key you need to purchase it in the in-game store.

Twitch Streams Drops

Most Twitchers share cases with their viewers during a major tournament. However, it is rare to get skins of high value from these cases, but it’s worth trying. 

Post Match drop

There are matches where cases are shared after playing CS2, so keep at it and you might receive a free drop. 

Third-Party Marketplaces 

This is another paid method, where you can buy cases for lower prices than what it is sold for in the in-game store. So if you want a rare sin for an affordable price this is the best option. It is worth noting that you will have to buy the key to these cases at these marketplaces too. 


There are so many cases with rare skins in the in-store marketplace and most of these cases are a bit pricey. So before you buy a case, ensure you know what’s in that case and if it’s worth the investment. Have you ever bought a rare skin before, where did you get this skin? Let us know in the comments. 

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