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The Top Ten Skillshots to Perform in ‘Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition’



Making a relatively quick turnaround in the world of remastered titles, Bulletstorm is back, adding some visually-updated violence with Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition. Originally released in 2011 for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC, the innovative FPS from developer People Can Fly diverted from genre trends by focusing on single-player gameplay, and forcing players to do more than just shoot their way through levels. The game encourages players to inflict creative carnage on enemies with 131 skillshots that give skillpoints in return, rewards that can be used to upgrade gear, which thus results in even more mayhem.

While the Full Clip Edition that launched for Xbox One, PS4, and PC doesn’t offer much in the way of new content (the ability to play through the campaign as Duke Nukem after preordering being the main draw), the gory skillshots can only be improved on by the up-to-date, next-gen graphics. It may take more than one playthrough to perform all the fatal feats, but here are some of the must-see skillshots players can strive for while shooting, sliding, and kicking their way through the campaign:

Fast Food

Anyone who says a hot dog cart can’t be used as a lethal instrument obviously isn’t looking at all their options. Bulletstorm accounts for all possibilities though, including the weaponization of weenies-on-wheels to crush anyone who is caught in its path. A swift kick of the cart sends it barreling towards enemies, sometimes able to pin more than one at once. The hot dog cart also deserves an honorable mention for its second related skillshot, Sausage Fest, a feat that embroils foes in a fiery explosion, complete with a spray of hot dogs.


The world of Bulletstorm is teeming with environmental hazards, from jagged spikes to steep drops, and the flora is no exception. Some plants proactively try and eat anyone around them, while others, such as cacti, wait patiently to do their part in achieving skillshots. Like most other elements of the game, these cacti are exaggerated and taller than most humans, making them a perfect deathtrap to kick, slide, or tether adversaries to using the whip-like Energy Leash, a weapon that redirects objects and people at will.

Fire in the Hole

Minibosses in Bulletstorm are infrequent, but more heavily-equipped enemies that take a bit longer to burst down also give opportunities for skillshots that can’t be achieved without them. Fire in the Hole is one such example, a skillshot that encourages players to embrace their inner crudeness, just as the game’s creators have. After whittling down a meaty foe and stunning them, a kick and a shot to the rear will do the deed. Though it sounds simple enough, the narrow window of time available to complete the task can make it a frustrating one to go hunt for.

Minced Meat

This skillshot may be a one-time deal, but it doesn’t take long to figure it out, especially if players are properly adjusted to the creative mindset Bulletstorm cultivates. Like a scene straight from Raiders of the Lost Ark, there’s little question what should be done when both a whirling helicopter blade and enemies are in close proximity. While fighting a Muta-Burnout, an enhanced version of the lesser Burnout that can only be killed via environmental means, leading it towards a downed helicopter and kicking it into the blades will send it flying out in many more pieces than when it went in.


Only achievable with a weapon aptly named the Penetrator, the Drilldo is one of many multi-man skillshots. Charging up the mechanical drill allows the spinning projectile to be controlled mid-flight, as well as offers the chance to use the whirling tool as a melee weapon without firing a single shot. Charge away and slide into more than one enemy to impale them with the Penetrator in order to satisfy the requirements for this skillshot. It’s not exactly what the weapon is designed for, but that hardly means anything in Bulletstorm.

Head Slicer

Requiring a bit more precision than its sibling skillshot, Meat Slicer, this skillshot takes headshots to a new level with the use of the Flailgun. This sadistic weapon propels a chain with grenades on both ends that can be reactivated in mid-air for a big ka-boom, but the explosives are only one of its threats. By wrapping the flail around both an object and an enemy’s head, a decapitation quickly follows (as opposed to the Meat Slicer skillshot, which simply lops them in half).

Lucky Shot

With any experience in the noob tubing and grenade-lobbing found in other FPS games, this skillshot shouldn’t prove too difficult, especially with the help of a bit of geometry. It can only be achieved with the Bouncer, a mining tool re-purposed to blast away people instead that launches explosive cannonballs. The cannonballs can be bounced off walls and objects to land some tricky trajectories, but that’s not the purpose here. To get a Lucky Shot, players must perfectly launch a cannonball that kills an enemy over 100 meters away without hitting anything else first, resulting in a direct hit from a fiery, metal sphere.


A homage to some old-school, blow-‘em-away shotgun violence, this skillshot employs the four-barrel shotgun – that’s right, a double, double shotgun – known as the Boneduster. Combining both the Topless and Legless skillshots, this kill is just as punk as the name implies, forgoing precision for raw power to shoot a grounded enemy at point-blank range and blow them into smithereens.


With a high-flying spectacle, complete with blistering explosions, the Fireworks skillshot sends one unfortunate enemy to a festive end. Using the Screamer, an accurate revolver with a charged attack that emits a flare as a projectile, players must launch a charged attack at an enemy that is at least 20 meters in the air in order to send them returning to the ground in a fiery rain.


The Burnouts mentioned earlier return front and center – or in this case, back and center – for one of the most entertaining skillshots Bulletstorm offers. Some deformed Burnouts are unfortunate enough to have vulnerable growths exactly where the skillshot’s name implies, and they make for a perfect target, one that results in the Burnout being blown in half. Regardless of the kill’s requirements, it could make any list based on its name alone, as it perfectly embodies the crassness and playfulness found in Bulletstorm.

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