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Top 7 Puzzle Games to Challenge Your Brain



Playing Puzzle games

There is a perception that games are only for children. But this isn’t true; the game industry has enough hits designed for adult audiences. And sometimes it can compete even with such a popular sphere as betting on football, particularly Canadian Premier League Match predictions at Tonybet Blog. And puzzle games have the greatest number of fans today. So, what puzzles should never be missed? And which ones will convince you of the power of science?

Portal 2

It’s hard to pass by the Portal dilogy. These are timeless puzzle games, which, in their time, turned the idea of short but extremely entertaining entertainment around a million variants of solving a problem using the same tool. In the first and second parts, the idea remains the same: using a special device, the player creates a portal to the entrance and to the exit, thereby overcoming obstacles and advancing further. It’s better to start with the second part because of the nicely balanced immersion — from basic actions to complex movement patterns — as well as the much more intriguing narrative.

The Talos Principle 2

The sequel to The Talos Principle is a continuation of the first part. The open world has become much more beautiful, the unhurried exploration of which is connected with the solution of numerous puzzles of different levels of complexity. This time the storyline is much faster to start, and even the most basic tasks will require a lot of brainstorming.

But the non-obviousness of the solutions here isn’t annoying. On the contrary, the game allows you to take breaks for thinking, admiring the environment, and immersing yourself in the stream of thoughts with soothing music. The Talos Principle manages to tell an exciting story in a vivid and convincing way, while the player is puzzled over how to drag a crate over an obstacle or correctly arrange the equipment in locations that look like Egyptian sights.


Viewfinder changes the reality of what is happening by rearranging the rules of its perception. What if photos could come into contact with real objects and serve as portals of sorts, connecting things across time and space? In Viewfinder, you can add what is captured in photos to the world around you, and it will help you solve puzzles and overcome obstacles. This idea changes the way of thinking during the passage and makes you look at the obstacles literally from a different angle. Sometimes it’s really quite a challenge for the brain, but the joy of finding a solution compensates for the difficult period of adaptation.

The Gardens Between

This game is a combination of an interestingly designed puzzle and a touching story about the childhood experiences of two friends. Finding themselves in a fantasy world, they encounter their memories in the form of islands strewn with objects from their childhood. Controlling the passage of time, the characters remove obstacles on these islands, solve puzzles, and collectively organize the past, gradually approaching an unexpected denouement. The Gardens Between never sets the player too complex, consisting of many sequential actions, but it manages to surprise and show something fresh, unexpected throughout the passage. It won’t take the player long to reach the finale, but he will surely have time to get attached to the characters.

Botany Manor

The 19th century was the era of scientific discoveries, the time of dreamers, whose most daring plans could by chance become reality and change human life beyond recognition. The protagonist of Botany Manor, an elderly botanical scientist, conducts scientific research in the field of botany in a luxurious English mansion and its surrounding areas. Imagine any gardening YouTube show and that will pretty accurately describe the first impressions of the game. But don’t be too quick to jump to conclusions. Despite the peaceful atmosphere, Botany Manor offers sometimes extremely challenging tasks that place high demands on memory, attentiveness, and the ability to think outside the box. Little by little, the player also learns more about the protagonist and the path she had to travel to join the scientific society and live her life.

Untitled Goose Game

Geese are feisty and unpredictable. If you enjoyed chasing the talkative bird in the second Atomic Heart add-on, you might also like the game where the goose chases everything. Actually, the puzzles in Untitled Goose Game are designed to think like a goose: the bird, though cocky, is rather clumsy, so it approaches every challenge with ingenuity.


A hard-to-describe game from the author of Limbo and Inside, an adventure game whose originality defined the direction of the genre for many years to come, as well as spawning many imitators. In Cocoon, you play as an insect-like creature with wings. Each location here is a sphere, which can be set on a special pedestal. In essence, the player needs to learn what each sphere-world does, and drag them back and forth across the dimensions, finding their use. The puzzles here are complex, demanding attention, unforgiving of mistakes, and requiring exhaustingly long solutions.

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