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Top 5 Mobile Gaming Apps to Try in 2024



Pokemon Go App

Mobile gaming apps have a lot to offer people in 2024. Android and iOS devices have enabled millions of gamers to play different sets of games from their portable gadgets. You can be a gamer with a fascination for weapons or a skilled Pokemon trainer who loves to add Pokemon to his collection. People can get the best gaming experiences by downloading these gaming apps in the days ahead. 


Roblox is a gaming app that lets people access a number of immersive worlds from their smartphones. You can browse through dozens of exciting games that can be played on multiple gaming platforms to ignite the spirit of gamers. Roblox supports budding game developers to build their games using a language called Lua. 

Games launched on Roblox can be shared with other users of the platform to generate countless hours of gameplay. The Roblox community has an active customer base of more than 71 million daily users. 

Adopt Me! is a hit game that can be played on Roblox. You can play as parents to adopt a child in Adopt Me! or play the role of a child being adopted by parents. Over 600,000 players are enjoying the game on Roblox with a majority of them focusing on raising pets. You can also trade pets to gain new experiences on Roblox. 

Sonic Speed Simulator is a Roblox game that is highly-rated by its users. You can collect Chaos Orbs as Sonic the Hedgehog to perform amazing stunts in the game. Players can earn XP in Sonic Speed Simulator to unlock speed boosts and jumping power. You can complete Time Trials to reach various checkpoints within the time limit to increase the amount of XP during each round. Sonic Speed Simulator allows you to unlock new characters from the epic franchise on Roblox to turn the game into a marvelous gaming experience on mobile. 

You can customize your gaming avatar on Roblox with a ton of accessories. Roblox has a live chat feature that lets people from anywhere talk to each other in real-time to have fun online. 

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO can be accessed by people to catch hundreds of Pokemon in the wild. The mobile gaming app has an advanced GPS system to track and train Pokemon from different generations on one device. You can fight Gym Leaders to earn medals and other items. Potions and Revives let you restore health to an injured Pokemon. Gym Leaders are harder to beat than regular Team GO Rocket Grunts. 

You can evolve Pokemon caught in Pokemon GO by using Candy. Fast attacks and charged attacks provide a range of abilities to Pokemon that can deal loads of damage in battles. Many people use a Pokedex to gain new information about the Pokemon that they encounter in Pokemon GO. You can view various Pokemon using a Pokedex in the gaming app to find out its strengths and weaknesses. 

Pokemon from the Kanto region are the easiest to catch in the game. Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle are the famous starter kit Pokemon that can help Pokemon trainers beat their rivals in Pokemon GO. You can also spot and catch a number of Legendary Pokemon like Entei, Ho-Oh, and Lugia using a variety of Poke Balls. 

Events in Pokemon GO are organized frequently to bring the community together. Pokemon GO Fest, Hatch Day, and Pokemon GO Safari Zone are celebrated events that provide people a chance to capture rare Pokemon in their regions. 

Mobile gamers can participate in Raid Battles by teaming up with Pokemon Trainers around them to defeat mighty Pokemon for rewards. Raid Bosses in Pokemon GO include Scyther, Klink, and Mega Latios. Pokemon Trainers above level 10 can fight real people in GO Battle League to prove their skills. 

Baccarat – Dragon Ace Casino

Baccarat – Dragon Ace Casino is a massively successful mobile app with over 500,000 downloads. You can use the scoreboard in the Baccarat – Dragon Ace Casino app to decide where to place your bets. Casino players can analyze the Big Road, Small Road, and other patterns easily on the Baccarat app to increase their wins. 

At one glance, you can find out resource information like the games played, number of player wins, number of Banker wins, and ties. You can change the size of the scoreboard at any time to limit the statistics shown in casino games. 

The Squeeze mode in Baccarat – Dragon Ace Casino is an excellent tool for dragging individual cards. You can play several Baccarat games in Squeeze mode by selecting it from the lobby. Slide mode lets players slide the card in any direction to reveal hidden cards. People can save time during Baccarat matches by playing them in Dealer mode. 


MONOPOLY GO! is a friendly game for tycoons. It has monopoly boards designed after world-famous cities and fantasies to lure new players to the gaming app. You can build houses, hotels, and other properties in MONOPOLY GO! to earn monopoly money. 

People can pull valuable Chance Cards to avoid losses in MONOPOLY GO!. You can invite friends and family members to play MONOPOLY GO! during co-op events to gather money faster in the game. There are new events lined up every hour to help Monopoly players win big. The mini-games in MONOPOLY GO! like Prize Drop and Community Chest are perfect opportunities for collecting rewards. 

Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is a break-out game with sophisticated features. You can build a Vault of your dreams in Fallout Shelter in an underground facility. Players can assist the inhabitants of your Vault and watch them blossom into happy citizens. 

There is a wealth of items that can be crafted in Fallout Shelter to protect your Vault. Armor and weapons can be obtained to fortify homes from incoming danger and enemies. You can complete quests with your fellow dwellers to unlock new areas in the game. Fallout Shelter won the Mobile Game of the Year at the 2016 DICE Awards. It is free-to-play on the Google Play Store. 

I hope you liked our selection. Keep gaming 😉

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