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The Best Announcements From The Game Awards 2023



Game Awards 2023

The gaming world is packed with many outstanding titles that deserve a reward for their stories or ingenuity. We can analyze them from different points of view – for instance, some releases have amazing screenplay adaptations, while others excel at specific genres such as family games. This trend of top-level innovation transfers to other genres, too.

For example, online casinos learn from their gaming counterparts to design more functional apps or websites. These platforms offer quite a lucrative gambling experience, but it’s easy to read more articles at to explore the ins and outs of a specific online casino. That way, users can learn about bonus deals and other elements that make the best gambling sites so great.

But it’s much tougher to analyze the best games. Luckily enough, we can use the Game Awards for orientation.

Game Awards: The Basics

We guess some of you aren’t familiar with the Game Awards concept, so it’s good to show a brief overview before moving on to the 2023 edition. The Game Awards is an annual awards ceremony that honors outstanding achievements in the video game industry. Geoff Keighley launched this event in 2014 to celebrate the entire industry as well as its numerous categories such as:

–        Game of the Year

–        Best Art Direction

–        Best Narrative

–        Best Fighting Game

But it’s not just about video game rewards. This event also serves as a platform for presenting world premieres, exclusive trailers, and even musical performances. The point is to recognize the industry’s top talent whilst bringing the entire community together.

The 2023 Winners

The voting jury for last year’s event encompassed more than 100 gaming influencers as well as media outlets from all over the place. This is how the Game Awards guarantee unbiased and top quality decision making.

The overall 2023 winner is Baldur’s Gate 3 by Larian Studios. This role-playing game is the official sequel to Baldur’s Gate 2: Shadows of Amn, but it exceeded its predecessors and outperformed the competition last year. The annual winner follows the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition ruleset. You can play it in two modes:

–        Single-player

–        Multiplayer

The best thing is that Baldur’s Gate 3 earned an astounding nine nominations altogether, ending up with six wins (including the one for the best multiplayer game). However, the 2023 Game Awards featured many other game themes as well as genres. Here’s an overview:

Game of the yearBaldur’s Gate 3Larian Studios
Best game directionAlan Wake 2Remedy Entertainment
Best narrativeAlan Wake 2Remedy Entertainment
Best performanceNeil Newbon (Astarion, Baldur’s Gate 3)Larian Studios
Best independent gameSea of StarsSabotage Studio
Best ongoing gameCyberpunk 2077CD Projekt Red
Best mobile gameHonkai: Star Rail – miHoYoHoYoverse
Best action gameArmored Core VI: Fires of RubiconFromSoftware
Best fighting gameStreet Fighter 6Capcom
Best adaptationThe Last of UsPlayStation Productions

Publisher Nominations Overview

The Game Awards is not just about individual games. On the contrary, developers also consider it a prestigious event that proves their prowess as well as the ability to design fresh, standout releases. That’s why it means a lot to them when award nominations pile up.

For instance, Nintendo earned as many as 15 nominations in 2023. This is a huge figure, especially if you know the sheer strength of their competitors. Sony Interactive Entertainment is the only other publisher in double digits: This provider earned 10 nominations in total. As for the rest, Epic Games and Larian Studios both had 9 nominations, whilst Capcom and Square Enix scored 8 nominations each.

Have You Tried the Winning Titles Yet?

With that said, it becomes evident that players have a lot to choose from. After all, it’s nearly impossible to try out so many extraordinary titles in just a few months. That’s why we encourage you to select a few releases from your favorite genres and give them a try in early 2024. That way, you’ll have enough time to explore the finest titles before new favorites emerge later in the year. Which one mentioned above would you pick first? Share your opinions in the comments!

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