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Technology’s influence on the rise of gaming in Malaysia



Technology influence on Malaysian Gamers

One thing that’s certain every way you ask is that gaming is on the rise in Malaysia, and improvement in technology is at the helm of this favorable change. But how? Let’s find out.

Online Gaming and The Promise of Wealth

Malaysia is a high-middle-income country where the basics are covered. Still, with a GDP per capita of just under $12,000, it might be a little challenging for Malaysians to afford luxury or a higher quality of life. This is why the population is always on the lookout for ways to earn more money, and online gaming has been a go-to for a while now. 

It is important to note that online gaming is made possible through some exciting leaps in technology. The ability of any Malaysia real money online casino to manage user funds without the risk of fraud, coupled with the ability to process withdrawals and deposits in quick time, ensures total confidence in the system. 

Besides gambling, Malaysians also partake in eSports like PUBG, Dota 2, the FIFA series, League of Legends, and very recently, Helldivers. Malaysians participate in these competitions for a chance to win mouth-watering prizes. 

These online gaming exploits are made possible with improvements in telecommunications technology like 5G and encryption technology to ensure player data stays secure. But, of course, neither eSports nor online casinos are guaranteed to make players money. 

eWallets Easy Payments

E-wallets, also known as electronic wallets or digital wallets, are mobile applications that store your payment information and allow you to make secure transactions electronically, replacing the need for physical cash and cards in many situations. They typically employ robust security features like PINs and multi-factor authentication to protect your financial information. 

These have been very instrumental in the rise of online gaming because they make it easier than ever to purchase necessary gear and in-game items at the push of a button. Instead of waiting days for your payment to be confirmed, it can be done in mere seconds, and you can receive whatever item you are purchasing almost as quickly. They’re popular in online casinos, too, as they allow players to make secure and fast transactions. With eWallets, casino players can often enjoy their winnings quicker, as the transactions are generally processed much quicker than with debit cards or bank transfers.

There are several eWallet options in the Malaysian market. They include but are not limited to the following:


Widely used, offering QR code payments, discounts, and rewards. It integrates with the Grab app, providing a comprehensive platform for ride-hailing, food delivery, and other services.

Touch ‘n Go eWallet

It is known for its association with the Touch ‘n Go card, which is used for tolls and public transportation payments. It offers QR code payments, bill payments, and other features.


Popular for online shopping and restaurant payments. It offers cashback rewards and various promotions.


It offers virtual cards and international money transfers. It focuses on providing a seamless online payment experience and currency exchange. 

MAE by Maybank

It is linked to the Maybank banking app, offering convenient access to bank account functions and features like QR payments and bill payments. 

Mobile phone tech is improving

Gone are the days when you needed a high-end computer or console gaming device to access your favorite titles. This is not to say these platforms have lost their following; it only means that mobile gaming technology has not only played catchup but has surpassed PC and console gaming combined

Mobile phones these days now have expansive battery capacities that can last gamers the whole day and some even longer, and they have the same connectivity options like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and 5G connectivity options, among others. These, coupled with crisp screen displays and impressive refresh rates, mean mobile gamers are not missing out on a lot, bar performance in some models, compared to high-end PC and console gaming setups. 

Interestingly, the performance problem is very easily mitigated these days as most gamers are hosted on servers that do not put too much strain on these devices. 

When you realize that mobile games offer this much functionality while being compact, it starts to become clear why mobile gaming has become popular and how, in turn, it has contributed to the rise of online gaming in Malaysia. Online casino games are also readily available on mobile devices these days, with most platforms offering a mobile-optimized version of their site for maximum convenience and the ability to play on the go. 

Biometric tech security

Biometric security is a security system that relies on unique and measurable physical characteristics or biological traits like Fingerprints, facial features (including iris scans and facial recognition), palm prints, voice patterns, and DNA. 

It works by first capturing an individual’s biometric data and storing it in a secure database. When the user attempts to access a system or perform an action, the individual provides their biometric information again (e.g., scanning their fingerprint). The captured data is then compared to the stored information in the database, and If the data matches sufficiently, access is granted. In case of a mismatch, access is denied, and additional security measures might be triggered.

The result is that gamers, to a great degree, are confident that their data are safe being stored on their mobile devices. This confidence translates into a premium gaming experience that Malaysians have not come to know and love. 

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