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Profiling The Best NBA Games on the Market 



NBA Video Game

The video gaming industry is a multi-million dollar concern, and it is one sector that continues to thrive even in the most challenging of economic times. The interest in gaming grows and one key driver of the industry as a whole is sports-themed titles.

Developments in technology mean that sports games can now be so realistic, that casual viewers may be forgiven for thinking that they’re watching live action from the big leagues.

Within the sports genre, basketball games are top sellers, but which are the best NBA titles on the market?

Wider Appeal

Sports games enjoy top billing in the video game industry as they appeal to two sets of fans. Serious gamers are attracted to this genre because of that realism element, while casual sports lovers will seek out this type of title at the expense of all others.

Some titles even employ a player ranking system that other, associated industries take notice of. TV broadcasters use it to analyze possible player trades, while sports betting operators may take this information on board when compiling NBA odds.

In short, there is a wider appeal to video games, but which titles are up there with the best?

NBA 2K24

The NBA 2K series is the biggest selling basketball game on the market. First released back in 1999 to greet the new millennium, the 2K24 release is the latest edition, and early indications suggest this will be the most successful yet.

NBA 2K24 maintains all of the regular features of this successful franchise. Players can take over as Head Coach of their favorite NBA team and look to guide their team through the regular season and into the playoffs.

It’s also possible to activate player mode, so gamers can put themselves in the shoes of the great Kobe Bryant and other Hall of Fame stars. The realism and those different aspects of NBA 2K have aided its success. For 2024, that realism has been enhanced even further.

Software developers have been able to introduce real-life footage from NBA matches and carry that over into animations within the game. It’s a big step forward that will ensure NBA 2K’s market leader status in the mid-term future.

NBA Street

Every top basketball player had to start somewhere. In the majority of cases, professional stars learned their skills out on the streets, and in the school playgrounds. That’s one reason why NBA Street has such a huge following; it takes the sport back to basics in this classic arcade series from EA Sports.

NBA Street is a three on three game where fun is the key element. The graphics may look ancient in comparison to many other games, but that’s really the point. It’s all about fast action and entertainment, and this is a perfect title for those who want to dip in and out of gameplay quickly.


NBA Jam was one of the first basketball games to appear, with the opening edition hitting the shelves in 1993. It may seem dated compared to some of its rivals, but there is a charm about the release and it was a groundbreaker in its day.

This was the first game of its kind to introduce a create a player mode. Gamers could now take all of the best playing traits and build their own NBA star. There is also a no-rules element to NBA Jam that makes it chaotic, but great fun.

NBA 2K11

If you’re the type of gamer that doesn’t need to buy the new releases as soon as they hit the shops, NBA 2K11 could be a great choice. Many who played it have claimed that it’s the best edition, and none of the subsequent follow ups have been able to match it.

This was the first in the series to feature the legendary Michael Jordan as part of the roster, while the upgraded player mode is yet to be fully bettered. Some 2K11 fans even cite the soundtrack as a reason for buying this game so, if you’re happy with nostalgia, this could be an ideal choice.

NBA Live 19

NBA Live is one of many games struggling to keep pace with the 2K range, but it maintains a loyal band of followers. This title offers the full NBA experience with a build up and even a half time show.

Gameplay is sound, and the graphics are a big improvement on the previous year’s release. All of this means that NBA Live 19, is considered to be the best of this franchise.

The sports video game genre is clearly popular, but that popularity can lead to the market becoming saturated. That’s why it’s important to check these guides and to get advice on the best releases out there.

The list contains options for all tastes and for many different styles of gamer. With the holiday season approaching, it’s a perfect time to consider the products and get involved with some of the great basketball games out there.

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