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Lifeless Moon set to land on Consoles this July



Lifeless Moon set to land on Consoles this July

Lifeless Moon, developed by Serenity Forge and Stage 2 Studios, will release on PlayStation, Xbox, and Epic Games Store on July 9. Originally launched on PC, this 3D platformer is the successor to Lifeless Planet.

In Lifeless Moon, players take on the role of an Apollo-era astronaut exploring a mysterious, desolate city on the moon. The game combines classic science fiction elements with platforming challenges, unraveling a narrative about a 1970s experiment gone awry.

The haunting landscapes and gripping mysteries will captivate players as they solve puzzles and uncover secrets. Check out the trailer for a glimpse of the game’s eerie atmosphere.

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Lifeless Moon promises an immersive experience, following the footsteps of its predecessor.

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