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GPO Map: All Islands & Locations In Grand Piece Online [UPDATED]



GPO Map First Sea Map in Grand Piece Online

Hey fellow Gamers! Are you searching for a map for Grand Piece Online (GPO)? Or do you want to know everything about it? Then you’re in the right place. This comprehensive guide will provide enough knowledge about all the updated GPO Maps that have recently come out in August 2023. So you won’t feel left out and will know everything about the brand-new map updates. Let’s begin without wasting any more time!

All About Grand Piece Online:

GPO, also known as Grand Piece Online, is an online game on Roblox. The theme of this game is adapted from the beloved anime One Piece. In the game, you can explore lands surrounded by vast water bodies, similar to the places Luffy and his friends visit in the anime as pirates.

There are many islands in the game to explore, and new ones are added in recent updates to make it more fun for gamers. There are also fun mini-games to play while touring islands.

These games will never leave you bored with their unique maps and friendly gameplay. The best part is that the game doesn’t have an age restriction, so both kids and adults can enjoy it.

Everything about Grand Piece Online Maps (GPO Maps):

Grand Piece Online undoubtedly has large islands to explore, where you pretend to be a character in a fantasy world. This world is divided into two main parts: the First Sea and the Second Sea. The First Sea is also known as the Sea of Phoeyu, and the Second Sea is called the New World.

Each of these parts has its own special islands to explore, some with easy tasks and some more challenging. You can find a variety of items while exploring these islands.

If you’re not satisfied with this much information, don’t worry! We have your back. Below, we will list all the details regarding the islands, maps, and things you can acquire while exploring the islands. Don’t miss out on checking this out, as it will provide in-depth knowledge before you embark on your journey with our updated guide!

GPO First Sea Map Locations:

The First Sea Map is a navigational tool used in the game Grand Piece Online. It’s a virtual map that showcases the locations of distinct islands and other landmarks in the game’s first sea, previously known as the Sea of Phoeyu.

The map is divided into different regions, each with its own set of special islands and locations. Here are some of the remarkable locations in the First Sea:

-Town of Beginnings: Starting point for new players, accessible through various means.

– Marine Fort F-1: A hidden military base on an island.- Sandora: Island accessible for players at level 10 or higher.

– Shell’s Town: Town on an island accessible by specific means.

– Island Of Zou: Island accessible for players at level 30 or higher.

– Baratie: Restaurant ship accessible only by “black leg.”

– Orange Town: Town on an island accessible by none.

– Star Clown Buggy Cape: Cape accessible by none.

– Mysterious Cliff: Cliff accessible by Rokushiki.

– Roca Island: Island accessible for players at level 80 or higher.

GPO Second Sea Map

Second Sea in GPO:

The Second Sea is an important part of the Grand Piece Online game available for higher-level players. To visit this location, you should be at Level 325 and obtain a special World Scroll from the Shrine near Marine Base G-1.

From there, go west from Sphinx Island to Reverse Mountain. Give the scroll to a monkey to enter the Second Sea. You’ll be sent to Rovo Island, where your action-packed adventure begins.

The Second Sea contains different areas with islands, including:

– Sphinx Island: Located at the center of the Second Sea.

– Rovo Island: Entry point into the Second Sea.

– Desert Kingdom: A place within an island.

– Sashi Island: Visit at Level 400 or higher.

– Reverse Mountain: A mountain area within an island.

– Kraken’s Lair: Fight Kraken here.

– Pharaoh Akshan’s Tomb: Battle Pharaoh Akshan here.

– Sea Serpent’s Nest: Engage in a fight with Sea Serpent.

– Crab King Cho’s Den: Battle Crab King Cho.

Getting to Foro Island in GPO:

To reach Foro Island in Grand Piece Online, you need to navigate through the seas and avoid obstacles. It’s located south of Thriller Bark in the Second Sea. Ensure you’re Level 325, then get a World Scroll from the Shrine near Marine Base G-1. Travel west from Sphinx Island to Reverse Mountain. Hand over your World Scroll to a monkey, and you’ll enter the Second Sea, starting from Rovo Island.

Once in the Second Sea, you can travel to Foro Island and encounter Coro to get Kenbunshoku Haki V2.

Sea of Phoeyu Map Locations:

The Sea of Phoeyu is the first sea in the game and has numerous amazing locations:

– Town of Beginnings: Starting point for new players.

– Marine Fort F-1: Military base within an island.

– Sandora: Island for players at Level 10 or above.

– Shell’s Town: Town within an island.

– Island Of Zou: Island for players at Level 30 or above.

– Baratie: Restaurant ship within an island.

– Orange Town: Town within an island.

– Star Clown Buggy Cape: Cape within an island.

– Mysterious Cliff: Cliff within an island.

– Roca Island: Island for players at Level 80 or above.

Grand Piece Online Map Update 5:

The fifth update of Grand Piece Online introduces exciting new locations:

– Land of the Sky: Visit at Level 105 or higher for Kenbunshoku Haki and potions.

– Gravito’s Fort: Accessible at Level 160 or higher for Gravito Hoverboard, Cape, and Gravity Blade.

– Fishman Cave: Visit at Level 200 or higher for a Bubble.

– Fishman Island: Open to players at Level 190 or higher for Fishman Karate.

– Fishman Colosseum: Exclusive access for players at Level 200 or higher.

– Ryu’s Palace: Visit at Level 210 or higher for Ryu Shark Necklace and Ryu’s Blade.

– Neptune’s Throne: Accessible at Level 230 or higher for Neptune’s Trident and Neptune’s Crown.

– Marine Base G-1: Location for players at Level 240 or higher to find special items.

Final Thoughts:

Whether you’re starting your adventure or already on your journey, knowing the GPO map well is essential for success in Grand Piece Online. This guide will help new and veteran players navigate different seas, reach various places, and complete missions more efficiently. Remember, the more you use the map, the better you will become at using it. Thanks for Reading!

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