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From Mobile Apps to PC Gaming: Comparing Platforms for Online Gaming



Evolution from PC to Mobile

Whether you play video games for fun or try your luck for big winnings, you can use a variety of devices for both. Your desktop PC can give you superior graphics and your mobile device can give you flexibility, especially if you want to play whenever and wherever you want at online casinos with PayID payments. In any case, both platforms will have advantages and disadvantages compared to each other. Here, we will address these differences and try to help you choose the platform where you can get the best experience possible.

Main Advantages of PC Gaming

PC gaming has been around for a very long time and now has certain standards: you know what to expect from this experience. Here are the main advantages that will contribute positively to your overall experience when playing on a PC:

  • Precise Controls. No matter what game you play, you will not have difficulty controlling your character or interacting with the game world with mouse & keyboard or gamepad. This is an advantage, especially in competitive games.
  • Superior Graphics. PC games deliver much more impressive visuals by taking advantage of the hardware power of these devices. Modern engines like Unreal 5 can create graphics that are indistinguishable from CGI.
  • Variation. FPS, RTS, MOBA, adventure, horror, arcade, MMO, RPG, battle royale and more – games on the PC platform offer an incredible variety and every gamer can find options that suit them.

However, this is “fixed” experience and can be quite expensive. PCs are heavy plug-in devices, meaning gaming outside your home is often not possible. Even laptops made for gaming can be used for a few hours at most when running on battery. In addition, expensive hardware will be required to achieve smooth gameplay with good and high-quality graphics. For example, while we were preparing this article, NVIDIA’s top graphics card was selling for $1599.00, while AMD’s top graphics card was selling for $999.00 .

Playing Games on Mobile

Mobile gaming is newer than the PC platform, but it has become widespread much faster. According to Statista data, there are 1 billion 713 million mobile players worldwide as of 2024. The main reason for this rapid adaptation is the following advantages offered by mobile gaming:

  • Immersive Controls. Mobile devices don’t have the precision of a keyboard & mouse, but touch controls offer a more immersive experience in some games (for example, when spinning the roulette wheel).
  • Freedom. No need to plug it in: you can play wherever you want, whenever you want. Try your luck wherever you go or challenge other players to top the leaderboards in a popular mobile game.
  • Casual Experience. Mobile gaming provides a satisfying experience even during gaming sessions of a few minutes. You don’t have to play for hours to feel like you’ve accomplished something. They are perfect for casual gameplay.

However, due to hardware limitations, the visual quality is unlikely to be as superior as the PC platform, and the idiosyncratic nature of the control scheme can present various challenges for game genres such as FPS. It is also not possible to say that mobile gaming is as rich as the PC platform in terms of diversity: most of the games you can play will be in the “casual” and “hyper-casual” genre.

Both platforms have advantages and disadvantages, but you don’t have to choose one. You can play on both PC and mobile: since they offer a different experience, you can focus on the positive aspects of them and get the best of both worlds. As technology advances, the differences between these platforms will diminish. For example, as 5G infrastructure becomes widespread, you will be able to stream even the latest PC games to your smartphone without sacrificing graphics quality, thanks to cloud gaming. Although they currently seem like separate groups, the distinction between PC gamers and mobile gamers is blurring by the day.

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