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EA Makes Huge Drop with Newest F1 24 Set To Launch on Steam This May 31st



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May 31, 2024, will see the release of the latest addition to one of the biggest racing games out there. F1 24 is coming to your PC and is ready to pre-order on Steam. F1 is a legendary game series with close-to-real game mechanics and feel (especially if you can afford a Fanatec). The developers promise to come back with groundbreaking gaming tech and features with the F1 24 drop. 

What’s New with The Latest Release?

EA have tried to outdo themselves with this latest installation. They’ve added real feedback straight from renowned racing champion Max Verstappen. In-game this feedback translates to the “Dynamic Handling” feature. To make things more realistic and to heighten the gameplay experience, you’ll have to handle and monitor if your vehicle has a full tank or an empty tank when driving, overtaking, and turning corners.

The F1 series has always been about replicating the real experience and bringing it into the gaming world, so with these new features, it’s time to take your gameplay experience to a higher level. Other new features include tire updates, which add even more realistic game mechanics to how your tire behaves on different tracks. 

They’ve also developed the aerodynamic features in the game. What does this mean for you when you’re playing? You’ll feel in-game turbulence, driving dynamics between two drivers, and your vehicle’s downforce force. 

Fuel Your Experience with Steam Wallet Cards

Are you a PC gamer? Great. If you want to get the most out of your F1 24 experience, you should get a cheap Steam wallet card right now on digital marketplace Eneba for maximum benefits and savings. If you want to pre-order the game or buy it on the release day, upgrade DLCs, or customize, having a Steam card handy will keep things fast and smooth. Do you want to be first on track? Be well equipped.

Players Race as Their Idols and Enjoy VR for PC 

Fans and new players will be able to drive as the race’s biggest champions, notably figures like Max Verstappen, and again as veteran legend Lewis Hamilton. Keep note that Hamilton will be moving to work with Ferrari, so this will be the final season he’s racing with Mercedes. The game will probably follow suit and also make it the last time you get to race him with Mercedes. 

Enjoy the return of F1’s World Hub and immerse yourself in VR gameplay on PC. Players wanted real, and they got real. The VR feature will let you feel as though you’re truly seated in the cockpit, and with all the new and vamped-up game features, this should be a treat to the senses.

Mark Your Calendars

The end of May is drawing near us, and F1 24 promises to deliver an unparalleled game-racing experience to your screen. F1 24 is poised to be a must-have game for loyal fans and newcomers alike. It might even be one of the biggest video game releases this year, in terms of game development. 

Ready your Steam wallet and get ready to go on the fast track. F1 23 was a phenomenal experience, so the new version is highly anticipated. Whether you’ll be racing as Max Verstappen or another champion, the realism EA is promising in every aspect of the game has got everyone on the edge of their seats.

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