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‘Dreams’ Food Creations Are A Delicious Showcase

Feeling hungry right now? You probably will after feasting your eyes upon some of gaming’s finest looking meals to date…



From the creators of Tearaway and LittleBigPlanet, Media Molecule’s newest critically acclaimed PlayStation 4 exclusive Dreams elevates the idea of creating art through video games. No longer is their game engine capturing a specific papercraft or two-dimensional look as players can practically create whatever they desire- as long as they acquire the skills to do so through enough experience of course. Whether you are buying Dreams to learn how to code, whip up some fancy beats, or even just sit back and play the world’s infinite amount of creations, it is undeniable that the three-dimensional artistic sides of some users through the in-game art studio is where some users might just shine the most.

Feeling hungry right now? You probably will after feasting your eyes upon some of gaming’s finest looking meals to date. After browsing the Dreamiverse for hours on end, here are some of the best-looking food creations you can view from some of the most dedicated users currently playing Dreams. Speaking of the users, you can click right on their PlayStation Network names within this article to view their official Dreamiverse pages for more of their creations- credit goes where credit is due and with the number of hours they have dedicated to these projects, they deserve it.

A Greasy Meal

A Greasy Meal by user VitaminG_90 perfectly encapsulates that retro Northeastern United States diner look that many modern restaurants attempt to replicate nowadays for their “American cuisine” centered establishments. From the condensation dripping off the cup of soda to the satisfying lines of mustard and coleslaw trenched on the hot-dog, the most unrealistic part about this piece that a viewer could point fingers at is the lack of food paper sitting beneath the fries. The architectural design of the diner is just as impressive as the main centerpiece.

Name The Cheese

“Name The Cheese” by user julio_grr is believe it or not a playable guessing game rather than just an explorable showcase like the other picks on this list. Designed to demonstrate the realistic possibilities of the game engine powering Dreams, a couple of different cuisine types of cheese are placed in the spotlight of a table covered in a square patterned cloth. By successfully naming each type of cheese you can freely move the camera to get a better look at the extra surrounding setpieces. Can you name them all?

Crispy Eggnoodle Ramen

“Crispy Eggnoodle Ramen” by user redep1994 actually made me go out and get Japanese food for dinner the same night I witnessed his creation- that is no joke, I still have the bento box and udon noodle soup receipt in my draw under my PlayStation. The wooden chopsticks, boiled cut egg whites, and even radish- everything you would expect to find packed in with any Japanese nutrient-filled egg noodle dish- are all here and intricately detailed for that matter. The freshly poured soy sauce inside a patterned blue and white cup on the left-hand side of the protruding old wood table is by far one of my favorite excessive details in this particular creation.

Full Beech Breakfast

“Full Beech Breakfast” by user THE_ARCH1TECT is hands down one of the most impressive art studio creations yet in Dreams. Begining development during the early access state of the game, this jaw-dropping art showcase is practically mouth-watering at first sight. An up-close examination will fuel your hunger for a sunny side up with buttered toast tomorrow morning even more. From the added restaurant background noise to the sizzling sound of the hotdish itself, this Dreams creation is something every user should drop by to witness in action. It is seriously an inspiring piece of moving artwork that demonstrates the power of Media Molecule’s manipulative game engine.

If you have a larger appetite for more food creations within Dreams, you can visit to browse more creations. For our review of Dreams, you can visit the link right here to see if the title is truly for you- and spoilers, it probably is!

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