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A Winner Is You Podcast Episode 7: Quick-Fire Top 5s #2 – Peripherals, Worst Games From Good Franchises, Mobile Games



Video Game Peripherals

It’s another top 5 special, and just like last time it’s not at all worthy of the name ‘Quick-Fire’!

First up this week we’re talking about our top 5 favorite (for one reason or another) gaming peripherals. Chainsaws! Fishing Rods! Bongos! Robots! Kinect?! 

Next up, we have a good long rant about the worst games from good franchises. Granted, we haven’t made a habit of playing bollocks games most of the time, but we still have plenty of scorn for the likes of Mario Kart Tour, Resident Evil 6, Star Fox Zero and Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Finally, we effectively take a trip down memory lane as we rank our top 5 mobile games – remember those?! Come celebrate the likes of 80 Days, Threes, Punch Club, Peggle and Polytopia with us.

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