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Understanding Provably Fair Gaming Systems



Provably Fair Gaming

Gaming is a serious business.  A lot of currency changes hands daily between the house and the players.  This currency can be in the form of actual money or virtual currency.  Considering money is a sensitive issue to everyone, it is understandable then that one would understand why users would be all to sensitive about fair play.

No one wants to be cheated.  And a casino site will lose greatly if the general perception persists that cheating is commonplace on the site.  Provable fair gaming provides a certain level of ‘comfort’ in this regard, building onto the overall sense of transparency. 

What is provable fair gaming?  Below is a more detailed breakdown of how this system is incorporated into the world of online sweepstakes casinos. 

What is Provably Fair Gaming?

Provably fair gaming is a mechanism implemented in the casino environment to promote fairness in game play and enhance overall transparency.  The overall level of trust it provides to a player is plentiful. 

The inner workings of this system allow a user to verify the results of a game played and confirming that no game can be rigged.  The open-source algorithms run on smart platforms.  These prevent any gaming site from altering the outcome of a game.  These advances in fair gaming have eliminated the need for third party auditing on game results.

The Mechanics of Provably Fair Gaming

Provably fair gaming works on an algorithm.  It uses an SHA-256 hashed server.  This uses date from the player’s client seed as well as that of the casino server to generate an encrypted hash, which results in the unique outcome of the game. 

After a game, a player inputs the client seed with the server combination into the algorithm.  The hash generated from this would then match onto the one revealed from the casino.  Equal match equals fair round. 

Provably Fair Dice Games

Whether you played snakes and ladders as a child, or now opt for adult version games such as roulette, you would know the inner workings of a dice.  This square shaped item offers a person a 1/6 chance of a win, depending on how the dice rolls.

There is not much opportunity to rigg the system, so to speak.  In the online world, a computer-generated dice is ‘rolled’.  This begs the question as to how fair and legit this dice throw is.  In provable fair dice, blockchain technology is used to allow a player to verify the legitimise of a dice roll. 

RNG (Random Number Generation) systems allocate dice roll numbers for relevant games.  Using an unhashed serverseed, a player is able to verify the results after a dice roll to ensure everything was random.  This unhashed serverseed can only be generated by a player after a game play, thus preventing you from generating the dice rolls in advance, thus securing constant wins. 

Benefits of Provably Fair Gaming Systems

No matter what type of game you play, everyone wants to know that he or she has an equal to fair chance at a win.  No matter the currency used, the goals stay the same.  Provably fair gaming systems have certain advantages:

·       No third-party auditing

Blockchain certification has cut out the need for third party auditing.  These technological advances ensure that there is little to no chance at error or human interference. 

·       Privacy

With the use of virtual or cryptocurrency for gameplay, player privacy is guaranteed.  There is no need to worry that your credit card or other information will be floating around in the cyber universe.

·       Transparency

Using the allocated blockchain technology allows a player to verify game results.  Anytime and anywhere after each play. 

How to Verify Fairness as a Player

What are the steps to verify fair play?  Below is an example of how unhashed serverseed can be used in dice games to verify results:

1.       Make sure to generate a unhashed serverseed after a specific game play.

2.       Confirm that you do indeed have the correct unhashed serverseed.

3.       Generate a roll and verify that the results correspond to those on the site.

Instead of trying to verify each roll manually, using a provably fair verified will help you to conduct this process in bulk, depending on the game played.  This only requires a player to provide the seeds and number of bets made.  

The Future of Provably Fair Gaming

The gaming environment is evolving daily.  Games are becoming more interactive.  Accessibility has made it possible to game ‘from the palm of your hand’, so to speak.  Running concurrently, provably fair gaming technology has also advanced at the same pace. 

These features can be accessed from literally any device where gaming is hosted.  Predict the potential growth and evolution of provably fair gaming systems. Overall transparency and security in gaming are key outcomes of this evolution to ensure an enhanced gaming experience.


Online sweepstakes casinos place a lot of emphasis on player support.  Striving for continuous transparency on all levels, various resources are available to sustain this.  Comprehensive guides provide information on the general gaming environment, laws and regulations as well as gaming specific information. 

Gaming can be considered a hobby but must be tended to with great care and focus.  As a player it is your responsibility to ensure that you familiarize yourself with all the available information.  Learn how the provable fair play system on a site works and utilize it.  Don’t focus on oblivious play and don’t be caught off guard. 

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