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Tips for Calibrating Monitor Settings for Gaming



Calibrating Monitor

With so many settings and customisation options, gaming on PC can have tons of options for players. What makes it better is that you can improve your gaming itself with the right setup. Whether it’s a smoother framerate or better graphical quality, you can get the most out of your visuals to see every pixel on the screen. This is a big improvement for games such as shooters, world-building narratives, and artistic indie projects. We can offer advice on how to set up the best gaming monitor and how to make the correct settings.

Empower Your Gaming

A lot of people can often say better graphics don’t necessarily mean better gameplay. However, it can certainly help those who have poor eyesight. Having a better visual experience means getting to look at every detail implemented within the game. A lot of developers include many hidden elements to create a fully realised world. Better graphical quality means getting to appreciate all that extra effort the developers included in the game.

It isn’t just video games that can benefit from better monitors. Even online gambling games can perform better using higher graphics. You can keep an eye on your cards, see the symbols on spinning reels, and appreciate the finer background details. Not only does using new no deposit free spins UK improve your game, but good monitor settings double your chance of getting the best experience possible. Keep on reading to find out how simple settings can level up your gaming adventure.

Brightness Level

This is the most standard tip anyone can figure out. Almost all types of monitors and TV sets include a brightness setting. Adjust the brightness based on what your monitor shows and the lighting in your own room. If it’s too dark, you won’t be able to see anything at all. If it’s too bright, you also won’t be able to see anything either.

Brightness level not only affects gaming but can also impact your health. For example, bright lighting can seriously affect your own eyesight. It can cause irreparable damage to your retinas. You can find this adjustment in the settings menu or your remote control. 

Setup Your Refresh State

This is a common mistake that a lot of gamers make when playing on PC. The refresh rate ensures that your graphics maintain its quality throughout your gameplay. When the display refreshes, it switches to the maximum quality you set. This quality can go down the longer you play. By setting the refresh rate to the maximum frequency, you can maintain the highest graphical quality without any decrease. These max settings can be possible with the newer monitors. The ones that come with higher frequency refresh settings can keep graphical quality constant. 

Downside of Motion Blur

Motion blur is a display setting that many games implement. It adds a blurry visual to the screen whenever you move the in-game camera. This makes it feel like your sense of vision is blurring when you move quickly, just like in real life. However, when it translates to screen, this causes an unfortunate side-effect. The motion blur can actively make some gamers feel sick if the sense of immersion is broken. For everyone’s safety, it is best to turn the motion blur off if there’s an option. Some games don’t have this setting, but more are now including better visual features.

A Splash of Colour

Colour settings are very important when it comes to clearer images. Even with realistic-looking graphics, colours need to be the right shade. It is best if the colours don’t clash. An effective way to adjust your settings is to fine-tune the RGB colour model. Red, Green, and Blue make up your screen images through LED. You can turn each of these colours brighter or darker. This is the basic method of colour adjustment so that you can make the picture appear clearly to your eyesight. 

There are other settings you can set which can help with the colour: 

  • Contrast: This setting allows you to blend the colours together or to make them more individually clearer. Setting this to 50-55 will give all the colours a clearer balance. 
  • Sharpness: You can control how clear the lines are in the work to make it pop out more. The sharper the colour, the more it stands out from the rest of the textures. Having this between 7 and 10 can bring out the best colours in the visual. 
  • Temperature: Colour temperature is the measurement of how warm or cool the colours are. It means adjusting the colours to be more orange (warm) or being more blue (cool). Changing the overall temperature can also help match up the lighting and the RGB setting. 
  • Blue light: The blue light is the most important setting to adjust. This is because it is known as the dominant colour. Its presence is far more noticeable than red, green, or yellow. Adjust your blue light first, and everything after will eventually fall into place.

Power of Resolution

Higher resolution also helps with creating clearer images, but this is only achievable if you have a good monitor. The average resolution should be 1440p. For even greater resolution, you will need a powerful monitor that comes equipped to handle it. The highest resolution possible can reach up to 8K with some displays. 4K is what most PC players will try to reach.

Some may believe that watching videos in 1080p is enough. However, when gaming, it’s preferable to see every pixel possible through the power of 4K. Many will tell you that the difference is instantly noticeable. 

Monitor Recommendations

Here are some recommendations for gaming monitors, all of which are equipped with the best settings possible:

MonitorScreen SizeResolutionRefresh Rate
Gigabyte M32U170 Hz3840 x 216032”
ASUS VG246H75 Hz1920 X 108024”
ASUS ROG Swift OLED PG27AQDM240 Hz2560 x 144027”
LG 27GP850-B/27GP83B-B180 Hz2560 x 144027”

These are the settings that can only be determined by what model you have. The better specs can obviously mean a higher price. Keep an eye out for deals that have features tailored just for you. You may not necessarily require the utmost specifications.

Conclusion: More Accessibility

The best monitor you can have is one that is adjustable for your eyesight, which may not even need the best features around. Something that a lot more monitors have now (including games themselves) is accessibility features. Settings that can help those who not only have poor eyesight but those who may be colourblind. Customers should be assisted in any way possible with their visual impairments. For now, we hope our tips have improved your gaming experience.

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