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Three Skills Learned Through Video Gaming That Will Make You a Great Leader in 2024



Skills Learned Through Video Gaming That Will Make You a Great Leader

It’s no secret that playing video games helps to generate certain skills. However, few people recognize the kinds of leadership traits that can develop as a direct result of video gaming. Similarly, playing certain casino games can also help to form leadership skills, and you can find many of these games at The Game Day Casino.

So, exactly what are these skills, and how does video gaming help to create traits that will make you a terrific leader? See below for the answers.


One of the most important traits of any great leader is resilience. Simply put, when things aren’t going well in any role, confusion and doubt can creep in. In these instances, whatever goal a team is trying to reach can seem unattainable. Resilience is needed to keep pushing and to make it through those difficult times.

In video gaming, resilience is regularly tested in numerous ways. You will encounter repeated failure, disappointment, frustration, and other situations that will force you to dig deep and keep going. Naturally, these situations don’t come with the same pressures of the real world, but they mimic the requirements to keep pushing and overcome whatever challenges you face.

Problem Solving

Problem-solving is another of the top skills needed for effective leadership, one that is just as important as resilience. Without it, the building blocks that lead to success in all aspects of life will never be put together. But how does video gaming create efficient problem-solving skills?

Well, while problem-solving can vary in its degree of difficulty depending on the game you are playing, it exists in all video games in some way, shape, or form. As an example, shooting games like Call of Duty often require a tactical approach to see what works and what doesn’t to win the game. Even sports games like Madden and EA Sports FC (formerly FIFA) require you to pick the right players, apply the right strategies, and build the right team for success.

You must think for yourself in these instances to figure things out, and this builds confidence for problem-solving requirements in the real world too.

Effective Communication

These days, the video gaming landscape has ensured that people from all walks of life can be connected online and play games together. As you are no doubt aware, when playing team games online, you can jump on your headset and chat with your team too. Subsequently, you are given an opportunity to talk with people of all ages who have vastly different personalities.

Specifically, in team games, this creates an opportunity to test leadership skills and put forward your ideas in real-time to get the best from your team. For some, this will come naturally. But for others, it takes a bit of work to build the right communication skills and then use those skills to get the most from your team.

Of course, this is required in all leadership roles in any workplace.

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