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Is Phar Lap A Good Game: Complete Review



Phar Lap Game

When it comes to horse racing games, the truth is that there aren’t many to choose from. Even though we are talking about a sport with a massive fan base, for some reason the gaming segment of horse racing hasn’t performed really well.

But this doesn’t mean that the scene is completely empty. There are some horse racing games that are actually worth playing one of which is Phar Lap: Horse Racing Challenge.

These types of games are designed to recreate a horse racing scene on your console. From breeding horses to training them, and racing them to build reputation. It is basically a horse racing simulator that will give you a behind-the-curtains look at the sport and help you understand horse racing better. So, is Phar Lap any good?

Let’s find out.


The gameplay is basic and sometimes monotonous. You inherit a raceyard, but in order to access better horses and facilities, you must level up. Each new level introduces new assignments that must be completed in order to progress. These objectives often include racing over particular distances, producing horses with specific characteristics, and renovating facilities.

The number of races available is quite restricted. As you level up, you unlock new racetracks, each of which includes four racing levels that may be unlocked by returning to a certain location several times. So, while the plot may be simple, I believe the game still works nicely.


The racing controls are easier than other games I’ve played, which I assumed would make racing easy and dull. But I believe the racing works great. If your horse isn’t the greatest in the field, you must ride the race flawlessly to have a chance of reaching a higher place. 

You will accelerate with RT, sprint to maximum speed with the A button, and then slow down with the B button. Movement is limited to the left stick, with LT allowing you to look behind you. That’s as straightforward as it gets. 

On the field, you’ll start in the gates and dart out of one based on a random draw. Just before the race begins, you’ll see a gauge that gives you a little boost if you’re quick and accurate enough to pulse acceleration at the proper time.

Even if you are the best horse in the race, a minor error might cost you the victory. So, I believe it works great.

Game Modes

Betting party

A great alternative for anyone missing a day at the races; get together with some pals and have a flutter on the horses. 

Each participant starts with the same amount of money, and you may select the racetrack and number of races from 1 to 8. Before each race, you have the opportunity to review the form before putting your bet and watching it. 

Even if you have just taken lessons on horse racing odds for dummies, you will probably understand how this works. The winner is the one who ends up with the most money.

Online Racing

Join other players online for a series of races. At the outset of each race, decide the horse you wish to ride and try for the win. You get points based on where you finish in the race, and the person with the most points at the conclusion of the series of races wins.

Horse Creator

Do you have an all-time favorite racehorse? Do you want to convert your horse into a racehorse? In Horse Creator, you can accomplish just that. 

Before selecting their skill level, they can choose from a variety of coat colors and markings. Once you’ve made your horse, you may make it available for purchase in story mode. However, you cannot breed from the horse.

So, Is Phar Lap any Good?

Well, it all comes down to what we compare it to. If we compare Phar Lap to some of the top-notch games like Red Dead Redemption 2, it is far from good. The game has also received a lot of bad reviews from players saying that the gameplay feels boring.

However, I would argue differently. For a horse racing simulator game, Phar Lap is actually quite decent. Remember, there aren’t many horse racing games so the bar isn’t really high.

At least Phar Lap comes with graphics that are from this century, unlike most other horse racing games that feel like you are playing on a Nintendo DS. 

It has its downsides, but for a casual horse racing game, it has all the features from breeding to racing, and combine that with online racing and you have a recipe for fun, that might be short-lasting since the game gets boring after a while.

Why? Well, the gameplay is quite repetitive and there isn’t much else to do other than running the same simulation races over and over again.

I hope this review helps. Keep gaming 😉

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