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Game Sense and Predictive Play: How Seasoned Players Anticipate Movements in Valorant



Playing Valorant

Game sense is developed over time as players gain experience in playing. In Valorant, the futuristic, first-person shooter, professional players seem to acquire an instinctive game sense. Their abilities can have a great influence over their decisions during a match. Ultimately, they help teams win prestigious tournaments. Professionals use game sense to anticipate all aspects of Valorant, including moves.

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Know How to Prioritize

Valorant is an all-action game from beginning to end. It includes a massive amount of detail such as map reading, timing ambushes, and assimilating play to the in-built personalities of the Valorant agents. Even a professional player cannot complete every requirement, so they learn how to prioritize. Different stages of the game need particular abilities or decisions to be effective. That is where developing an all-round awareness of Valorant itself is vital if players want to break into higher rankings. For instance, prioritizing is understanding when it’s more prudent to stall on an ambush in order to allow more team members to join in. Ego peeking is to be avoided at all costs. It’s a trait that professional players have usually overcome in their early days of playing Valorant.

The Importance of Map Control

Winning another round is often dependent on map control, an essential element of game sense. Professional Valorant players regularly sense an enemy is making a huge noise to deliberately draw attention. They often push from an opposing direction to move forward and intercept stray opponents. Understanding the terrain is crucial as it helps build ambushes. More importantly, reading the lie of the land correctly helps avoid falling into traps. Astute initiators can use their map reading skills to effectively clear choke points from large swathes of land.

Improve Player Timing

The main attribute of being a professional Valorant player is using game sense in the face of adversity. Even rounds that look beyond redemption can be salvaged by a well-timed lurk. For example, players often move agents into attacking positions to gain time if their team is stalling. When operating from defensive positions, players with good game sense can usually use aggressive flanking moves to ambush and surround their opponents.

Rotating Sites

Players with game sense have excellent intuition. They can understand their own agent’s moves and those of their enemy. Understanding when it’s the right moment to destroy enemies by rotating to weaker sites of the map can be highly effective. Professionals often realize great progress can be made through removing Sentinel utilities. They are also aware that it’s more effective to plant the spike before leaving the site unguarded.

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Continue Learning

Good game sense in Valorant means professionals continuously learn from each other in developing their skills. By studying the action from the Valorant schedule, every player can continue learning how to develop their abilities, and those of their favorite agents.

Alright, we hope you enjoyed this little post. Keep gaming everyone 😉

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