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Crafting Infinite Life: A Guide to Mastering It



It took decades to manifest human life or life on Earth, but in Infinite Life, you can form life just by using different combinations of blocks. In this guide, we are going to guide you on how you can create life in Infinite Life just by using a few combinations.

Without further ado, let’s begin!

Crafting Your Path: A Recipe for Infinite Life:

So, to make it simple for you, we are going to give you seven combinations that you can use to create different kinds of things in the game, and specifically for life, you need Venus and Steam to create endless life in the game.

Furthermore, after getting hold of life, you can use different combinations to set up your path to create new life forms and stuff in the game. Following are our pairs of ingredients that you can use for your experiments:

Combo 1: Combine Earth and Wind to get Dust.

Combo 2: Mix Wind and Fire to create Smoke.

Combo 3: Combine Earth and Dust to make a Planet.

Combo 4: Mix Water and Smoke to get Fog.

Combo 5: Combine Planet and Fog to create Venus.

Combo 6: Mix Water and Fire to make Steam.

Combo 7: Finally, combine Steam and Venus to get Life.

So, once you have created life, you can also create a heart just by combining love with life. It’s that simple. Other than that, you can also create continents like America and cartoon characters like The Simpsons, or if you’re a fan of Godzilla, then go for it. You can create that as well.

Wrapping Up:

That was simple, right? So, why don’t you try this amazing combination? Go set yourself on fire and create life on Infinite Life. Because now you know how to do your job. Hope this helps!Happy gaming and thanks for reading!

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