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Best Video Games for College Students to Enhance Education



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College life is always full of everyday learning challenges. Whether it pertains to their course learning, term assignments, coursework homework, or any other, it always takes a huge toll on each student’s mind. Hence, students seek a reprieve from the constant pressure and tedium to recharge their brain and body. Fortunately, the online is a marvel and presents them with numerous fun and engaging video game options to enjoy themselves while enhancing their education at the same time.

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So, while you consider your best course of action moving forward, let’s change the narrative slightly and introduce you to some highly engaging yet educational video games for college students (like yourself) to enjoy!

5 Best Video Games for College Students to Enhance Education

1.  Civilization VI

Civilization V1 is a 4X video game with a turn-based strategy. The objective of each player is to carve out a civilisation from ancient settlements using in-game millennia. Doing so guarantees power over the world and other conveniences like military domination, cultural influence, superiority in technology, and human and computer-controlled adversaries. The player has to explore the virtual world, find new cities, protect them from attacks, deploy military counterattacks, and lead to civics development.

The game is enthralling to all first-time players as it requires complex decision-making, diplomacy, resource management, and strategising, thus making it perfect for learning history, politics, and policymaking.

2.  Opus Magnum

Opus Magnum is another puzzle-based game programming game developed from the house of Zachtronics. The game is about the main player assembling a series of machinery using various tools and programs to create vital remedies, precious gemstones, deadly weapons, and more. The game is lengthy (about 15 and a half hours long).  

Other interesting elements of the game include – a solitaire minigame, a rich story (comprising of ancient houses, Alchemists, unexpected intrigues and plot twists, and so on), steam workshop integrations, and a simple puzzle editor. Feel free to try it out!

3.  The Witness

The Witness is a puzzle game that is popular among college students. Imagine this scenario – you walk up and find yourself stranded on a bizarre island comprising plenty of puzzles to test your wits and presence of mind.

To make things interesting, you don’t even know who you are or how you got to the island. All you know is there is a vast, unchartered area that needs discovering. As you explore the island, you hope to find some clues to reveal who you are and how you can get back home.

The same is single-player based and comprises dozens of weird locations to explore. Plus, there are over 500 puzzles. The game is riveting and tests your intelligence, problem-solving, and exploration skills in the face of this adversity.

4.  Factorio

The game is primarily about constructing and maintaining factories. Your responsibilities will include mining key resources, researching tech, automating production output, and, of course, combating several enemies, which is the best part.

Players will have to use their vivid imagination to design their factories, merge simple elements into ingenious structures, and also use their management skills to safeguard them from creatures who don’t approve of them. It also teaches players how to use their logistic skills and understand intricate systems thinking.

The same is popular among 3,500,000 people (many of whom are collegegoers).

5.  Infinifactory

Infinifactory is a puzzle video game that several college students enjoy spending time with. It was designed and published by Zachtronics and was eventually released as Play Station 4.

It comprises numerous series of puzzle games pertaining to various tasks. The main player will take the role of a human who is abducted by a hostile alien race and made to help the ETs construct equipment.

The riveting puzzle game requires each participant to design and take care of their virtual cities. The game is also quite educative and requires students to use their engineering, problem-solving, and optimization techniques to win.

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Ending Note

Each of these games presents a good mix of educational content, visually pleasing gameplay, and challenges that college students would love to face. So, whenever you get free time, try them out.

Also, whenever you get stuck with your MBA assignments, don’t hesitate to ask for help from diligent online academic specialists.

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