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Beginner’s Guide: Easy Tips and Cheats for Fallout Shelter



Greetings to all fellow gamers around the world. I’m sure you’re here to learn some amazing tips and tricks to succeed in your gaming journey of one of the most popular free-to-play simulation games that lets you be in charge of your own vault in the world of Fallout.

So, don’t stop reading until you find some amazing tips to get on your tracks in your gaming journey. Without further ado, let’s begin!

A Quick Overview of Fallout Shelter:

Let’s begin our journey with a quick overview of the popular game Fallout Shelter for people who are new to this field.

To explain how the game works, Fallout Shelter is a game where you have to survive in an underground bunker after a tragedy happens that causes an apocalypse. Yes, you read that right!

As an overseer in the game, you will be assigned a duty to manage power, food, water, and dwellers in the vault. Other than that, you need to expand the vault by accumulating or upgrading rooms, matching dwellers to their tasks given.

As a dweller, you need to take care of the vault, defend it from raiders, and explore the wasteland. Definitely too much work to do for sure, but it’s fun, and you won’t get bored for sure!

Most importantly, keep everyone happy, safe by placing them in the right rooms, and upgrading their skills as well for better performance.With this, our short and sweet overview for the topic comes to an end, but from here, real things begin, so don’t stop here.

Best Tips & Tricks for Succeeding in Fallout Shelter:

As already mentioned, the game Fallout Shelter is very popular, and gamers who love playing it share varieties of tips and tricks for overseeing the simulation for smooth gameplay and to keep the game as active as it should be!

By saying this, we are going to start our list of tips and tricks that will definitely help you solve your problems and make it more fun for you!

1. Optimize Your Vault: Strategic Tips and Updates for Success:

First comes optimizing the Vault, which is a really important step if you are beginners. Sometimes gameplay can be confusing, especially when you are making decisions about which rooms or vaults to build in the first place.

But don’t worry, we have your back. For this, you need to begin your journey by focusing on crucial elements for bunker survival. Then, after doing that, you have to merge one-room segments into larger sections that will combine three rooms of the same type together. By this step, you will gradually start to save in-game currency.

Don’t forget to add two identical rooms next to a new build-up because it helps to create a better workplace for dwellers.

2. Maximizing Dweller Potential:

Each dweller in the game has a unique set of skills called SPECIAL, which is important for survival inside the Vault and to survey the wasteland.So, understand it before you begin to go any further in the game.

Here is the list of skills you need to remember while playing:

Strength: First is the most useful skill for power generators and nuclear reactors, boosts power production, and is also important for carrying capacity.

Perception: The second skill helps enhance water production and inspection success in the wasteland premises.

Endurance: The third skill is most important for food production and survival in isolation or in premises of wasteland.

Charisma: The fourth skill helps speed up population growth and also helps attract dwellers, which is useful in the exploration of premises of wasteland.

Intelligence: The fifth skill also helps speed up healing item production in med bays and science labs.

Agility: The sixth skill is used to increase food availability and survivability against enemies residing in the premises of wasteland.

Luck: The last but not the least skill helps give boosts to rush attempt success, caps earned, and finding rare objects in the premises of wasteland.

Also, don’t forget that training your dwellers in specific rooms helps improve these mentioned skills’ stats.

Most importantly, if you increase Endurance, it will also raise your HP count during level-ups, which is the most helpful tip for the dweller’s survival.

3. Making the Most of Mr. Handy in Fallout Shelter:

Here comes one of the dynamic witty robots in the game, Mr. Handy, in Fallout Shelter.You can have him in your team by earning him by completing tasks or by just unlocking Mr. Handy boxes in storage.

You can also get him by buying him for less than a dollar. After getting hands on him, you can put him anywhere in the Vault to collect resources, extinguish fires, and guard the territory from attackers as well.

Please note that just like dwellers, Mr. Handy can take damage as well, but he can’t be healed like them. If he dies while protecting, you have to revive him by paying 2,000 caps.

So, always try to keep a close eye on him, and most importantly, Mr. Handy is super useful in the wasteland for collecting caps, so he is worth the price for sure!

4. Upgrade Power Plant, Sleeping Quarters, and Cafeteria in Fallout Shelter:

As the game is set up during the apocalypse period, it’s really pretty messed up, and survival in such a tragic environment is truly hard. But still, to live an easy life, you have to get your hands on a good power source for essentials.

Also, dwellers living in such a tragic environment need a comfy place to sleep, so well-kept living quarters are the most important thing after food.

Since dwellers are not robots, they need good food to survive unlike our witty robot Mr.Handy. Because of which there is a cafeteria present for providing the necessary nourishment for everything to work smoothly underground and keeping our dweller happy and satisfied. Hence, necessary upgrades are needed to various structures present underground for the wellness of dwellers.

5. Build First, Populate Later Best Strategy in Fallout Shelter:

As we already know the world of Fallout Shelter is already pretty messed up, and you can really end it by overpopulating with dwellers. Yes, you read that right!

Therefore, just like real life, always take precautions before moving to the next step and think ahead before jumping to any conclusions because it can literally end your journey.

As said, Veterans gamers always advise before doing anything to upgrade your vault because it’s the most important step in the game.

Even though you can easily make dwellers pregnant and have more in number, there will always be a risk of losing the game.

The pregnancies of dwellers can last three hours, and also children can grow up in another three hours as well. So, always try to prioritize upgrading and expanding your vault before moving on and making the place crowded unnecessarily.

6. Get Ready: Complete the Four Lunchboxes in Fallout Shelter:

This is the best part of the game because you will finally get to earn a reward in the game. Yes, you read that right!

In this part, you can get four lunchboxes as a reward. You just need to follow simple steps for the same that are as follows:

1. Firstly, you need to rush to a room to get the first lunchbox.

2. Then, collect 50 water to unlock the second lunchbox.

3. Third, you have to upgrade the levels of your dweller to get your hands on the third lunchbox.

4. Last but not least, you have to equip a dweller with an outfit to get the fourth lunchbox.

7. Boost Your Gains with Nuka-Cola Quantum:

So, this is something you will get to see after Fallout Shelter update 1.6. Nuka-Cola is kind of like a premium currency you can use to boost your gameplay for real. It really comes in handy when you are too stressed out after tons of brain games.

Remember, you can get this premium currency named Nuka-Cola Quantum through grinding in the game or by buying them through your caps. So, don’t forget to use them to ease your hard work.

8. Level Up Dwellers Fast: Time-Saving Tips:

Here comes one of the most important pro tips you should definitely use if you want to save your time from unnecessary workload and waiting for things to be done.

In the game, sometimes you have to wait for around six hours for pregnancy and evolution, and it can take more time, especially during a calamity.

The smartest move, or you can say tip, is to save your game, then simply exit the game and don’t forget to change your phone’s time ahead in settings. When you return, the game will act like time has already passed, and your tasks will be completed within seconds rather than taking hours. Sounds good right!

9. Boost Your Caps Collection with This Smart Strategy:

Now, we have the most illegal, or you can also say the sneakiest way to earn more caps. Yes, you read that right.

I know it may sound unreal, but it’s true, but doing it is a bit more tricky than you can expect. So, if you are ready to take on the challenge, then follow up!

You have to start your journey by expanding your Vault and using the Grid Technique.Then just simply set up a Power Generator, Diner, and Water Treatment side by side in a row. This will not only help you to organize resources but will also add a protection layer against enemies.

And finally, to get hands-on caps quickly, you have to use the “rush” feature in rooms.

After following all the procedures, the game rewards overseers with caps for successfully rushing to the rooms. Isn’t it good? Definitely it is!

So follow the above instructions and get your extra caps now!

10. Keep Dwellers Happy: Easy Tips for Fallout Shelter:

Last but not least, one of the most crucial tips is to always keep your dwellers happy for smooth gameplay.

Your first and foremost dweller in Fallout Shelter will have Strength, and as you progress, you will get dwellers with Agility and Perception.

For happier dwellers, you have to put more Strength dwellers in the Power Generation station to match their skills.

And most importantly, always avoid placing dwellers in roles that don’t match their skills, because it can lower their happiness, and you won’t get any benefit from them.

Wrapping Up:

The Fallout Shelter game has many players, and there are numbers of tips and tricks coming up by players, but we tried to make our article beginner-friendly, so you will get information regarding everything you need to know before you start your journey as a player.

So, don’t forget to follow our tips and stay tuned for any more updates on the same.

Thanks for reading!

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