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A Look at Some Fun Gambling Mini-Games in Video Games



Mini Games in Video Games

Casino mini-games have been an integral part of video games for as far back as they have existed. From 1992’s Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins to more modern games like 2021’s indie gem, Eastward, there have been some form of casino elements in a lot of top games. Let’s dive into some of my favourite representations of casino and gambling-style mini-games below!

Betting on the Horses in GTA: San Andreas

This was always a big one for me back in the day. When I started a new save file, I would immediately make my way to the horse racing mini-game at Mulholland Intersection and begin to bet away all of my funds at the Inside Track betting venue. This was no easy feat either and would generally require several file reloads until making it big on the horses. 

This minigame had a monumental impact on the gameplay, especially at the beginning, as you could increase your funds significantly in a very short space of time. If you’re a trophy hunter, then this is also one of the things you will need to do to get 100% completion in the game by triggering the “What are the Odds” Trophy in the game.

Enjoying the Strip in Fallout New Vegas

Pretty obvious that a game centred around a post-apocalyptic Las Vegas would make the list! In Fallout New Vegas, there are so many references to gambling and casino mini-games to play that can increase your caps pretty quickly – if you’re lucky! Card games like Caravan can be played in various locations and there are a few minor betting halls dotted around – but it’s when you make it to the Strip that things get interesting. Here, you will find various casinos where you can play a multitude of the classics like roulette games, blackjack and slot machines galore.

Eastward’s Homage to Gambling

Anyone who has played this game will know that there are some not-so-subtle references to gambling through the Coin Palace which features slot machines and other such vices. Even throughout New Dam City, you will hear various NPCs talking about playing Pachinko in the Coin Palace. 

But, none of this is of any interest to the main protagonist, John. What is, though? The gambling mini-game that you can play when you’re cooking, of course! This simulates the mechanics of a simple slot machine that can improve the benefits of your meals when you line up two or three of the same symbols.

Hitting the Casino in Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins

Hitting the casino in the massively underrated Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins was probably my first ever experience with the concept of “gambling” – let alone gambling in a video game. Like most other mini-games, this one does not add to the story of the game but enhances the gameplay by letting you win extra lives. 

This little casino hidden under a hill near Mario’s castle gave you 4 different betting limits starting from 30 coins and going up to a maximum of 999 coins – so you really did need to pay to play! But with 99 Lives up for grabs, it was a risk worth taking!

Risking Your Rupees in BOTW’s Gambling House

Located in the picturesque Lurelin Village, BOTW’s Gambling House was a great way to risk your hard-earned Rupees for a chance at much more. The concept of this mini-game is very simple: you pay a small fee and, in turn, have to open one of three treasure chests. 

You can choose to bet 10, 50 or 100 Rupees with the chance to double your your on the 10 and 50 bets and triple it on the 100 bet. Like most forms of betting, the reward is offset by a big risk – the risk here being that the other two chests contain 1 Rupee – so choose wisely!

Getting a Porygon in Pokemon Red and Blue’s Game Corner

This is one that took many hours from a lot of people back in the day! In Pokémon Red and Blue, acquiring Porygon from the Game Corner is a unique challenge. Getting this extremely rare addition to your Pokédex requires players to amass a hefty sum of 9,999 coins (or only 6,500 in Blue) in the Celadon City Game Corner. 

This is no easy feat as you need to either amass this wealth by playing in Team Rocket’s slot machines or by purchasing the coins at the casino itself. Either way, it’s a truly satisfying achievement for anyone who was, or still is, looking to get all 150 entries in their Pokédex.

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