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7 Highly Anticipated Video Games That Will Come Out in 2024 



New Video Game releases in 2024

Now, 2023 might be classified as one of the biggest years in video gaming history. The internet buzzed when several video game titles were released, such as Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Spiderman 2, Mario Wonder, Final Fantasy 16, Remnant 2, Diablo 4, and many more. The year was struck with various games that kept fans across the globe on the edge. 

Looking back at the success, 2024 is shaping up to be a promising year. With many video games ready to be released this year, GTA VI is one of the most anticipated games; however, Rockstar plans to launch it in 2025. This article will explore some of the most anticipated games for 2024, so read on to know more. 

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

Ubisoft is launching Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, a 2.5D Metroidvania that will enchant you. The beauty of the game is that the reboot will bring it flashy action, modern language, exciting visuals, etc. The release is expected in January, so be ready to start your journey. 

Shamrock Saints 

In the highly anticipated casino game Shamrock Saints from Push Gaming, slated for release in 2024 with a max win potential of 10,000x, players are in for a thrilling experience. The game introduces innovative features, such as the Golden Pot and Shamrock Mode, adding an extra layer of excitement to the base game. Landing Tokens in the base game contributes to the Golden Pot, and when it reaches its maximum level, additional tokens have the chance to trigger Shamrock Mode, promising lucrative rewards. With its engaging mechanics and significant winning potential, Shamrock Saints is poised to become a standout release in the world of casino online gaming. Follow the updates on the provider’s official website.

Tekken 8

After the success of Tekken 7, Tekken 8 is all set to be released this year. This modern-day fighting game, renaissance, offers a variety of in-game features and even introduces new characters. The game lights up with striking visuals and tournaments, with four surprise characters currently set to release as DLC. It is one of the most awaited video games of the year, along with Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League; read the next point to learn about it. 

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

One of the most controversial games to be launched this year is Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. Rocksteady Studios is known for the single-player story-focused Arkham Batman game, despite the red flags about the game where characters like Harley Quinn, Boomerang, Deadshot, and so on attempt to kill the Justice League. The game has gained a lot of fame, and given the success of Arkham Batman, people are willing to give it a chance. The game is expected to be released in the year’s first quarter. 

Dragon’s Dogma 2

Releasing 12 years after its originals, Developers are finally fulfilling fan desires, with 2024 being the year for the sequel. At the same time, the 2012 game needed a better story and inclusive open-world gaming. Fans can expect much more this year as they have enhanced the magic and beast-fighting system. Capcom aims to chisel out all the flaws and improve the game’s dynamics to make it more appealing to the modern audience. If everything goes well, the game is expected to be this year’s Elder Ring, so prepare for this epic game. 

Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth 

Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth is one of the year’s most anticipated video games. FF7 became known in 1997 as it helped PlayStation establish itself as a dominant entertainment force. Square Enix plans to remake, rewrite, and remold different elements of the original game to capture the desires of their fans. The game is meant to honor and continue the story of the game through beautiful visuals and strategic gameplay. Undoubtedly, many gamers are excited to continue this adventure towards the end of February. 

Princess Peach: Showtime!

While Super Mario took the limelight in 2023, Princess Peach: Showtime stepped onto the stage this year. This time, everyone’s favorite princess will be the star in her adventure as she travels through different stages within the Mushroom Kingdom’s Sparkle Theater. The main protagonist will fight and solve puzzles throughout her journey and can take on different transformations such as detective, kung fu martial artist, and swordfight. There is a lot of anticipation behind this title, and rightfully so. 

Final Thoughts 

There are a ton of games getting ready to be launched this year. These games are designed for entertainment and attract different audiences. Some of the sequels have taken decades as they are met with long production cycles. These games often have high budgets from studios and developers, which can take anywhere from half a decade to more. This year is set to compete with the success of 2023, and some projects are yet to be determined. We hope that the games mentioned above will excite you enough to get your game face on!!

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