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5 Games for Two on PS5




Two players are sitting in front of the TV and frantically pounding on the gamepad buttons, occasionally making emotional exclamations — this picture is familiar to everyone. Many modern games offer multiplayer, but developers have begun to forget that players sometimes want to spend time together. And not online, but in reality. Of course, there are fascinating games like those that are available at the online casino NZ that allow you to spend great time alone. But what if you want to share your evening with a friend? Here are the best multiplayer games for two on PS5.

Tekken 8

Mortal Kombat gave way to the freshly released Tekken 8. The authors moved the game to the modern Unreal Engine 5, which sets a stunning picture, and implemented the necessary changes for newcomers. For example, there is a simplified control mode, which is great for those who just want to have fun with friends without delving into the mechanics: it’s enough to rhythmically press the buttons so that the hero writes out spectacular combos on the screen.


One of the biggest games of the generation is also available on the PlayStation 5 in split-screen. In split-screen mode, two players can launch the classic Battle Royale mode to compete against other matchmakers or look into additional game types. For example, fight in the official PvE-format “Battle with the Storm,” joining forces against hordes of invading monsters, or even look for something quite exotic in custom maps. The split screen is made conveniently: users are shown a widescreen picture with large viewing angles.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

The spin-off of the legendary Borderlands series offers to plunge into the land of adventures of little Tina. The project is initially aimed at a cooperative format, so it should be fun with friends: you need to get rid of enemies together, fight bosses together, complete various game tasks together, and get valuable rewards together. To improve user interaction, the game also offers a class system, where each gamer in the company will have his own unique role. Moreover, it’s possible to customize the mode of screen division (vertically or horizontally).

EA Sports FC 24

Sports games on PS5 for two can be attractive even for those who do not like to watch competitions on TV or live. It’s more fun to play than to watch! Local co-op in EA Sports FC 24 is available in most game modes: you can play a regular friendly match, create a tournament, chase the ball in Volta mini soccer, and even try your hand at the competitive and microtransaction-filled Ultimate Team. Unfortunately, you can’t launch the cooperative career mode, playing two athletes on the same team. Fans have been waiting for this feature for years, but for some reason, the developers ignore the request.

Overcooked! 2

It’s an exciting, unpredictable, and chaotic game about genius chefs. The cooking itself is shown rather conventionally, but the beauty of Overcooked! 2 isn’t that at all: the process comes down mainly to the need to find the most efficient sequence of actions to take this, bring that, put it here, chop there, and remember about the boiling pot, which must be removed from the stove. The fewer mistakes you make, the better and faster the dish will be prepared, which will affect the customers’ appreciation of the restaurant. Over time, the already hectic gameplay will be enhanced with unexpected events. For example, the kitchen will start a fire, which is sometimes more profitable to just ignore. Fire is no reason to leave your customers unsatisfied!

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