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What will influence gaming in the next couple of years? 



How Video Games Have Change The World

Some industries have been performing incredibly well in the past couple of years, and video games are among them. It’s safe to say this business has increased the GDP of a lot of countries because most countries have at least one big game studio.

While we believe that gaming will continue to grow in popularity in the next couple of years, some industries and tech will have a big impact on it. Here are our expectations.

Gaming and Gambling

One thing that we expect to have an impact on the gaming industry worldwide is the gambling niche. Today, there are loads of bookmakers and online casinos, and many of them have quality options. Whether you choose a casino without verification or a different kind of website, you can see that almost all of them allow customers to bet on eSports and regular video games. But that’s not all because some of them even sponsor different types of leagues and competitions.

A lot of people are not fans of the collaborations between gambling companies and video game studios, but there is no arguing that it is beneficial. This is especially true for eSports titles, such as Counter-Strike 2, for example, where many of the best teams in the world receive a lot of money from the leading gambling websites. The same is also true for some of the biggest tournaments because the big sites have a key role in them. 

Considering the popularity of both businesses, we expect the relationship between gaming and gambling to strengthen in the next couple of years. A lot of countries are changing their laws around iGaming, so it will be interesting to see what’s going to happen.


One thing that will definitely revolutionize the gaming business is AI. In fact, if we take a look at some of the biggest players in the AI space, we can see that NVIDIA is leading the chart, and as we know, this is the leading GPU manufacturer in the world.

AI can have many different roles in modern games, even in modern casinos. The tech can help devs create a better product, locate bugs faster, come up with new ideas, and more. AI can also be extremely important in the development of new types of game interactions.

Needless to say, a lot of the leading gaming studios use AI on a daily basis, even today. Knowing how to take advantage of the new tech is extremely important, so we expect to see big changes in the gaming niche.

The eSports scene

We have briefly mentioned the eSports scene when discussing the relationship between gambling and gaming. With that said, the eSports scene is something that drives the gaming industry forward because it allows people to make a living by playing the games they want. These people often have loyal fans from all over the world, many of whom start playing a particular game just because their favorite player does that. 

When talking about gaming and the eSports scene, some games are a lot more popular than the rest. Dota 2 is often given as an example of a title that has insanely large prize pools, and it’s one of the games people can find while using online casinos and other types of iGaming sites. With that said, League of Legends, CS2, and even Overwatch 2 are also popular eSports titles.

Alongside the PC games that have loyal fans, some mobile titles are also really hot in the eSports scene. Things like Mobile Legends are among the most appealing options in Asia and other parts of the world, and they definitely have a role in the gaming industry.

Mobile and Console Gaming

After addressing Mobile Legends, we have to share a few words about mobile gaming because it seems like a lot of people do not understand its importance. 

There is no arguing that a lot of players use their PCs to play games, and this is not the go-to platform for everyone. Since the vast majority of people worldwide carry a smartphone, it’s no surprise that mobile gaming is extremely popular. There are dedicated studios that only focus on creating mobile games, and some of them have a lot more fans than any PC title. Furthermore, some of the big PC game manufacturers even create special versions for their mobile clients.

Another thing that will influence gaming in the next couple of years is consoles. Nowadays, millions use things like the PS5, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch to play the games they like, and we expect this number to continue to rise. In other words, many game studios will design their titles specifically for console players.

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