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The Scariest Horror Games of all Time



Scary Horror Games

Everyone once wanted to test their nerves for strength and play some horror game. However, the most difficult question is always relevant: which game was the most interesting and the scariest to pass? That’s why I’ve specially collected the top 10 scariest games in my opinion, starting from the less scary and ending with the truly scariest game ever.

Darkwood (2017)

Darkwood is a computer game in the survival simulation genre. If we talk about the gameplay, there is a semi-open world in which the player can discover different areas as the storyline progresses. However, the player is also able to create different items and there is a day and night cycle. By the way, similar games are offered by the safest online pokies australia. Horror genre is widely spread gambling.

This game was a kind of Minecraft, because here you can also use different skill systems, stealth, combat mechanics, communicate with other NPC characters, craft special items and even use your own workbench. During the daytime, the player can simply explore their world, discover new supplies, craft new weapons and more.

At night, however, the whole point of gameplay begins. At night, the player simply cannot leave his hideout and he must defend it from various intruders and other mobs until morning. However, the most interesting thing is that there are a bunch of different scrimmages and really scary moments at night.

All events unfold in a kind of forest, where your characters just need to survive. However, I think that this project can be put only on the tenth place, because with all the advantages, dark atmosphere and different interesting characters, it is not the same horror, where every second you can be killed.

Dead Space (2008)

The action takes place in the distant future, namely in the 26th century. It tells us about a space engineer and our protagonist, who finds himself trapped on a huge ship. That’s where we have to survive against the main creatures and the main goal, besides killing different monsters, is to repair all the systems of the ship and then fly away from it. In addition, there is a special internal shop, where our protagonist could buy certain medical kits, ammunition or even new weapons and improve his skills.

In the main interface this hero had an inventory, different notes, negotiation records, a map and much more. There are a total of 12 main chapters in this game and there are some missions where you will be in weightlessness or even in a vacuum. I would especially point out the music, because it also gives some unique atmosphere. This is where you can fight dozens of enemies at once in one moment.

Layers of Fear (2016)

This was a kind of psychological horror, where we play as an artist with some kind of disorder, who is trying to complete his own works. The gameplay takes place in first-person only. We have to explore a mansion in order to find the necessary elements to create and complete our own painting. An interesting uniqueness is that the house reflects our condition and some situations and rooms should gradually change. By the way, you can learn more about this genre here.

In the beginning the house seems absolutely ordinary, but during the progression of the story the environment around the player on the contrary changes and is often accompanied by different screemers and interesting and even scary elements. In total this game is divided into six main parts, where in each part you have to find certain items while facing your own frustration and screamer in each room.

SOMA (2015)

The action is set in some sort of underwater base in the year 2104 after the end of the world. The whole plot starts with the main character waking up many hundreds of years later in an unknown location and with a bunch of different monsters and creatures. The gameplay was similar to other games from this studio. However, here they made such a horror, where you have to not just run or hide from monsters, but really do it as quietly as possible. After all, here monsters can kill you with two or three blows. So you need to be as undetected as possible to complete special missions. 

And especially in this game there is no such special chip where you can attack monsters. In addition there were some monsters with their own special abilities, for example many of them can hear noise, but others can only see where you look. The story plays an important role, because the faster you pass certain missions and kill more monsters, they become much stronger and the game takes a completely different turn.

Poppy Playtime (2021)

This is a puzzle game where the plot revolves around our main player, who must explore an abandoned factory complex where Poppy toys used to be manufactured. However, at one point, the player encounters creepy animatronics. The gameplay in this game involves solving different puzzles, avoiding dangers and the main animatronic. During the passage, the animatronics themselves make special puzzles and threats for our player so that we can solve it and pass on.

If we briefly describe the whole point of the gameplay, it is that we have to uncover all the secret secrets of the place and certainly the animatronic itself. Also for some tasks you will need a special tool in which there are two retractable arms, which can also help in the story itself and the passage of various puzzles.

Game review and writing was done by David Reid.

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